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Book Club: 'Cider House Rules'

One of the best and worst things about New York City public transportation is the lack of cell phone reception. An annoyance when you have a meeting and get stuck underground, but a luxury when you’re knee deep in a book that physically pains you to put down. 332 more words

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Book Club: 'Wild' and 'Paper Towns'

It’s my personal opinion that there is no better way to spend a summer Sunday than to set course for¬†Prospect Park to spend hours leisurely reading and sipping ice* tea. 721 more words

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Book Club: 'Fun Home' and 'A Visit From the Goon Squad'

This is a typical pre-trip conversation between my mum and I:

Mum: Are you all packed? Your dad wants to know, how heavy your bag is? 749 more words

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Book Club: 'Lumberjanes' and 'Chew'

I need you to stop everything you’re doing right now because things are about to take a turn, and in the end, only the strongest bibliophiles will be left standing. 488 more words

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Book Club: 'Dune'

I am the most surprised of anyone at how much I enjoy the novel Dune, which clocking in at 800 pages was originally an intimidating choice as my foray into the scifi genre. 398 more words

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Book Club: 'Hey Natalie Jean'

^^ This book has been my NYC travel companion the past couple weeks and proven itself a very worthy adventure buddy. ^^

Have you ever started reading a book and within the first 10 pages, realized it was speaking directly to your soul? 880 more words

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Book Club: Confessions of a Fangirl of 'Fangirl'

I have a confession to make: I love Love.

Is that surprising? Probably not, especially in an age when Kim Kardashian uses her butt as a table to pour champagne and TLC regularly airs a show¬†called “My Husband is Not Gay.” 492 more words

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