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Home. A simple four letter word that is absolutely emotionally charged. Don’t believe me? Ask any parent of a college kid. “Home” is home, the house and family that you grew up with, the parents that worry about you and provide you with everything…or at least  did until you left for college. 325 more words

The T's House

Mother knows best

This is going to be my year for regional burns.

Pagan Bunny Burn in March.

UnSCruz in May.

Maybe a mini, unofficial PreCompression in July. 225 more words

Burning Man

Akulah Yang Pertama

Akulah yang pertama,

mengenalmu lalu mencintaimu.

Dan menggenggammu di hatiku sejak itu.

Kau tahu, kau adalah duniaku.

Waktu berlalu dan mengubah segalanya, tapi aku akan tetap disini. 12 more words


Lessons I learned from my dogs

I’m obsessed with dogs. Everything about them makes me laugh, smile, or feel all cozy inside. If you’ve encountered a dog and had an unpleasant experience, don’t give up on dogs, give up on their owners (because dogs are only a product of their environment, don’t @ me). 990 more words

My boys.

I love dogs, always have. I don’t have kids (yet!) so all of my attention goes to these two dummies.

I love when I look out in the yard and get a glimpse of them at peace like this (as they don’t always get along). 147 more words

Foster Parenting

{Siblings 2018} February

This month has been a bit hit and miss with the boys. Over the Christmas holiday’s they were getting on really well and really bonded. As I’ve said previously, Nate absolutely idolises Alfie and for the most part, Alfie really enjoys playing with him. 337 more words