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My Little Banshee

Three year olds are annoying. For those of you who are surviving the “Terrible Twos” – be warned, three is called “Terrible twos with intent”. They start messing with you on purpose! 316 more words

My Boys

Argh! Enough with the Accidents!

I have been potty training my 3 year old for what feels like an eternity!  I was so happy when he showed interested at the age of 2.   329 more words

My Boys

Love My Kids, Hate My Kids

I have a love/hate relationship with my kids.  What parent doesn’t!  If you have ever met a mother or father who says that they love their children no matter, they are lying! 379 more words

My Boys

At Last...

Happy Anniversary to my handsome Fiancé.

Here’s to our future xx


All because two people fell in love...

Jamie and I met on the 15th January 2013.

Our meeting was a romantic spectacle which would top trump any Disney Fairytale where the handsome Prince and Prince Charming hook-up. 177 more words

I introduce to you: Arthur & Otis...

Here are my two babies and the apple-heads of my eye. On top step is natural born leader of the pack Arthur. On our bottom step is the ever-so cute and energetically playful Otis. 25 more words

My Boys

I take the good with the bad

I took a break from writing
and the world fell in. Not really.

All of us had some flu,
then a virus, one case
of upper respiratory infection… 570 more words

Idle Thoughts