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My DCP Bucket List!

Here is a bucket list of everything I want to try to accomplish while I am at Disney! I have just over 7 months to complete it! 463 more words


Item 238...#pinkarmy

My pack arrived today. “Hell hath no fury like a women in Pink”..especially when it’s me because pink is my least favourite colour, and cancer, the bitch, stole my Dad, so i shall make a donation to the cause and put that big green tick across Item238- Do A Fun run. 22 more words


Item 62..Check! =)

I’m back! Spent the weekend in the new forest with the family chilling out, eating and having fun. Another experience got ticked off My Bucket List, even it was done in the poring rain. 129 more words


The Bucket List 2016..So Far!..

Okay so sat in bed at five to nine on my first day off this week, feeling a little blurry headed and still a little pissed of at how early i woke up considering it’s my day off, however the sun is shining and there is blue sky, it’s a beautiful day why waste it? 737 more words


My Bucket List Item #35...

I think it is safe to say that my father was more excited about this bucket list experience than I was. It was randomly planned in advance with my dad, uncle and cousin to do this experience all together. 456 more words


Nice is nice

Nice is indeed nice, this amazing city on the French Riviera is absolutely picturesque and dreamy. From its amazing beaches, warm and breezy weather to its architecture which is influenced by both French and Italian culture. 540 more words

Entry #2: My Bucket List

It occurred to me yesterday that I didn’t reveal the full extent of my peculiar predicament. I thought to myself last night while in the throes of a pre-sleep fever dream, “You’ve don done it again, Danny Boy. 771 more words