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* 50 Easy Steps to Make Life Better — Suzie Speaks

At first glance, you might run as fast as possible from this post.  50 STEPS?  Are you CRAZY?  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that these are DOABLE.   156 more words

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Visit The Zoo

Another one off the list…

Given this might not seem like the most exiting and thrill seeking thing you could do, but it’s an opportunity i feel we are privileged to have, in years to come the next generations might not be so lucky. 278 more words


Bucket List

My sister started talking about her bucket list and it made me want to make one!  I’ve only made a little one so far, and as things get crossed off, more will be added. 181 more words

Take My GCSE's

You might not think this is important or even something that anyone would WANT to do, but, i have the luxury of writing this with hindsight. 298 more words


Travel By Aeroplane

It wasn’t until i was 18 that i first flew anywhere despite the fact that my dad had been flying planes and had, had a pilots licence for a long time. 260 more words


My bucket list

It all started today, june 23 2016 at about five pm. I was sitting on the couch ,and then ,suddenly I had the idea of writing a bucket list .’What could go wrong, anyway?’ , I thought to myself. 495 more words

My Bucket List

Have A Snow Ball Fight

Seriously. Everyone has done this right? If your answering no then, WHY THE HELL NOT?

Because believe me there is something rather intoxicating and battle in inducing about being smashed in the face with freezing cold ball, as soon as it hits you your only goal then becomes to find the culprit and massacre them in return. 205 more words