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Selembar Foto

Suatu hari kita hanya akan ada dalam selembar foto.
Di sana, barangkali kita sedang tertawa, tersenyum, lelah, atau biasa saja.

Tentang foto itu, dan lainnya. Aku akan selalu mengingat soal cerita yang barangkali dipungut ketika tengah mendaki. 154 more words

My Slutty Words


Morning of every mother starts as she woke up sluggish and tired early in the morning, go to check her babies carefully, Admire them through open door, find the calm an peace as she see them laying snuggled close, enter the room and cover those little toes. 81 more words

My Capture

Fruit of patience is DRAGON FLY :)

Ahh finallllyyy after soo many attempts n focusing on many things i got this capture…. i remember running after it, as if its shying away from camera… but then a best pose for the click i got :)

My Capture


When the thump becomes your heartbeat, only then you know what it is like to ride a Bullet! :) :)

My Capture