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Lylianthar BIO

Suddenly realized i missed posting Lian’s BIO here all those years ago. So – some catching up =)

Name: Lylianthar Erunrionamion Caemael
Gender: male
Race: Altmer… 466 more words

Games: Elder Scrolls

My new favorite armor

Haven’t seen such a pretty one in months!!!! And it gives Rin such a lovely weapon damage buff…


Games: Elder Scrolls


I got to the point when I make new toons in Skyrim purely to visualize another character and outline another headcanon-ish story XD

Meet Aeril. She’s a Bosmer (not very good one, you’ll see), born in Skyrim, hunter and a werewolf (not a good Bosmer, remember? 22 more words

Games: Elder Scrolls