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And the one from the Republic side =)

Kirkat Riddcat – damn, I like this name! It is so… feline xD

Katy is a smuggler and a cyborg (no story behind that… yet) – technically allied with Republic, but practically having the “I answer to no one” attitude. 74 more words


Something-something-something... Dark Side (c)

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually… Guess who’s playing SWTOR? xD

This is Rokra. She’s an Imperial Agent and a sniper. Yup, told ya, Dark Side – cause as we all know it has best cookies ;)  – and, as it turned out – a sniper class too. 95 more words




A mysterious girl said to be one of the Heavenly. Fairytales and rumors surround her but few know the truth. 591 more words




The girl you will see most often on my pages! One of my very first characters and the mascot of my channel. She is a sorceress, once a full fledged… 128 more words


Talumi Veleas

My baby Warden =)

I like how she turned out to be. So far I decided to go stam!warden, but maybe – just maybe – will shift to magicka later. 17 more words

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