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I got to the point when I make new toons in Skyrim purely to visualize another character and outline another headcanon-ish story XD

Meet Aeril. She’s a Bosmer (not very good one, you’ll see), born in Skyrim, hunter and a werewolf (not a good Bosmer, remember? 22 more words

Games: Elder Scrolls

Lil Radd - You're awesome!

Välillä perinteisellä tyylillä. Värjäsin paperin kahvilla ja sen jälkeen tein viivatyön ja väritin normaaleilla värikynillä.

Traditional art for a change. I colored the paper with coffee, inked the lines and colored it using colored pencils. 16 more words


I... might've made a thing

What do people do, when they are sad/depressed/in a bad mood? Watch tv, binge eating, isolating themselves, and so on, no?

I go and make a new character in Dragon Age, or Skyrim. 26 more words

Games: Elder Scrolls

Original Character: New Radd

“Handsome Radd” niin kuin näin epävirallisesti tätä kaveria tykkään kutsua. Tämä on oma suunnittelemani hahmo, jonka olen jo ennemmin piirtänyt, mutta nyt päätin sen piirtää uudestaan. 85 more words

Digital Art

My Villain: Zanoah

“Write about what would make your villain smile.”

(Not my image.)
My villain’s name is Zanoah. He is a complicated halfling. His father was a shapeshifter and his mother was an elf, but he lived with his father growing up because his mother did dangerous work in the northern mountains and his father was called to serve in the capital. 147 more words

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