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A character of mine that I accidentally wound up drawing in three different styles. Not very happy with some of the anatomy, but I think my lines are starting to get more fluid. 14 more words

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Mica (SWTOR, Bounty Hunter)

What the game is really lacking – is the variety of eye colors. More specifically – violet!

Also, meet Mica – not the one out of first created, but suddenly my main swtor toon. 13 more words


Some more swtor

Some more faces… For the toons I will make for sure as soon as/when I get an access to those non-f2p races >.> So, rattataki, cathar, mirialan and pureblood sith (ooooh, the possibilities!!!)


And the one from the Republic side =)

Kirkat Riddcat – damn, I like this name! It is so… feline xD

Katy is a smuggler and a cyborg (no story behind that… yet) – technically allied with Republic, but practically having the “I answer to no one” attitude. 74 more words


Something-something-something... Dark Side (c)

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually… Guess who’s playing SWTOR? xD

This is Rokra. She’s an Imperial Agent and a sniper. Yup, told ya, Dark Side – cause as we all know it has best cookies ;)  – and, as it turned out – a sniper class too. 95 more words




A mysterious girl said to be one of the Heavenly. Fairytales and rumors surround her but few know the truth. 556 more words