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Hey look, it’s this weirdo again. What’s the deal with her head wings anyway? Can they actually enable her to fly?

(This actually started as kind of a disaster, since I had originally colored it traditionally with crayon pencils, but has it turns out, when I scanned those assholes they gave the resulting image a strange shimmer, since I’m an idiot who presses too hard on the pencils when coloring).

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Watch the speedpaint: https://youtu.be/M-KmxFzCyP0

Shooting Star

Watch the speed paint: https://youtu.be/UAm-PeBmHnY

Interview with one of my characters

What is your name and can you tell us something about you? 

I’m Rapha Golden. You could call me a “shadow.”



What does a “shadow” do? 466 more words