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Rowena (The Arcana Game)

Someone got hooked on mobile app visual novel The Arcana – and got it hard xD Hard enough to go the whole “ok, I need to visualize my character” way. 29 more words


A Couple of More Heashots


I really need to start drawing more than just heads and shoulders.

Anyway, the pink haired girl on the left is a character from the webcomic Sleepless Domain.

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Still not over SWTOR ^_^

This pissed-off and “I’m so done with you” little nugget’s name is Nameeka. She’s a smuggler. She finally got her ship back and now is on her way to kick the nasty guy who stole it in the first place in all dem tender parts. 43 more words


A character of mine that I accidentally wound up drawing in three different styles. Not very happy with some of the anatomy, but I think my lines are starting to get more fluid. 14 more words

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Mica (SWTOR, Bounty Hunter)

What the game is really lacking – is the variety of eye colors. More specifically – violet!

Also, meet Mica – not the one out of first created, but suddenly my main swtor toon. 13 more words


Some more swtor

Some more faces… For the toons I will make for sure as soon as/when I get an access to those non-f2p races >.> So, rattataki, cathar, mirialan and pureblood sith (ooooh, the possibilities!!!)


And the one from the Republic side =)

Kirkat Riddcat – damn, I like this name! It is so… feline xD

Katy is a smuggler and a cyborg (no story behind that… yet) – technically allied with Republic, but practically having the “I answer to no one” attitude. 74 more words