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what is dance ??

for some it may be a means to express oneself and for others it may be just mere entertainment . For some it is a form of art and for some it is a profession . 403 more words


To My Child: Knowing the Future


From the moment you were born you wanted to understand everything you saw.  The aqua green walls were a mystery, just as the flickering pictures on the TV; what you were interested in.  831 more words

W - Sitting

Today, let’s talk something about what could be the reason of a developmental problem. A potential cause you can say…

What is W sitting?

It is a pattern of sitting. 236 more words


My Child

I will instruct you in the way you should walk and yet your feet will stumble from time to time as you begin to learn My ways. 427 more words


The Gift.

I didn’t know how much I missed home until I saw my chunky, Gift. She just brightens up my day, there’s no day that goes by without her making me smile. 78 more words

Today is Graduation (or: Oh Holy Shit)

Yes, my firstborn graduates from high school today. My baby, the person who changed my very existence just by showing up one day.

I’m proud and I am ecstatic and I am nostalgic. 563 more words