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my hands tremble 


afternoon light teases the oregano


in the kitchen window  


something survives here anyway


as I disintegrate with random entropy


my fault my fault my… 82 more words


My Precious Child... 

My Precious Child,

You are more capable than you know. You are more than enough for the world. You are more than strong & courageous deep down in your heart and soul. 473 more words


Who is GOD to you?

When I came to know HIM in May of 1985, it was as my JUDGE. I learned first back then what it meant to Fear the Lord.  609 more words



On that 8 o’clock bus ride
You’ve wandered in my mind.
You stared at me with your eyes,
I caught myself in a wide smile. 146 more words

My Every Day


Got me crying over the maybe’s…I’ve got a talent for thinking up some fucked up shit

So scared I don’t even want to speak it into existence

Life's Ups And Downs

My Instant Purpose

pur·pose ˈpərpəs/ (noun)

1.the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Many people spend months, years, or their lifetime looking for their purpose in this life. 455 more words