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Being an 80's child in Romania

I grew up in communist Romania, during the 80’s in a non-traditional setting. When I was born, my parents were still in college and I was raised by my grandparents (being raised by your grandparents is quite common in the Romanian culture). 540 more words

Being Human

The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth

Baby, you got a bad bad mouth
Everything is poison that’s coming out – PJ Harvey

A large part of my life has been a struggle for peace. 1,001 more words

My Childhood

My Early Life

I was born 5 weeks too soon in the springtime. My mother suffered a placenta previa and I was showing signs of foetal distress so my birth was induced. 312 more words

My Story

Growing and exploring...

Thinking about my childhood increasingly confuses me since last autumn – until I started seeing a therapist I had the impression that my childhood was an exceptionally happy one. 695 more words

My Childhood

It all seemed totally normal...

“Saltwater runs in my veins; I lived on a yacht from the time I was two weeks old until I was eighteen. My earliest memory is sitting on my mother’s knee at night against the wheelhouse as ink black sea roars down through the scuppers and my mother is being violently sick over my shoulder. 753 more words


Dear Dad

Dear dad.

Hey dad, are you enjoying the view from up there , chilling out with other souls and cracking them up with your special kind of humor. 569 more words

My Childhood