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Memory Lane (More Old Fogey Stuff): Rubber Band-Powered Boats

1961, the Civil War Centennial: and I wanted to go out to some of those lovely huge mud puddles on the playground and re-fight the… 143 more words


Another Extreme Sport (Oops!)

I never did get around to trying sky-diving, but I was a wiz on my pogo stick. Used to be able to pogo up and down the football bleachers, and the stairway down to our cellar–which, if my mother had ever seen me doing that, she would have boiled me in oil. 22 more words


The Blue Mass

When I was a kid, when I thought of police, I thought of Detective Canary, in a straw hat, on the pitcher’s mound on July 4, trying to strike out firemen in our town’s annual police vs. 179 more words


Out of My Mind

As I sit here, at my desk in my little country cottage in Suffolk, I am thinking about how to convey a self-profile of me as a writer, to my course tutor; someone I have never met and know almost nothing about.  1,823 more words


The Awfulness of 'Queen for a Day'

My Grandma had what I could only think of as a very strange taste in television. I ought to know: I spent many an afternoon at her house, just the two of us. 160 more words


Memory Lane: 'Oleanna'

This came out in 1959, and soon us kids were singing it at YMCA summer camp. The mess hall rang with it: Oleanna, a Norwegian-American folk song. 107 more words


Avunculus B

He never once objected
All the times I sought his view
When I called on him for wisdom
He would know just what to do… 154 more words