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When an Accusation's All It Takes

Suddenly it seems everybody’s being accused of sexual harassment, tried in the newspapers, and declared guilty, all in the same day. Suddenly every man is Bill Clinton, or worse: you could be Al Franken, with a photo to prove it. 211 more words


Should I Get a Pogo Stick?

Hoping to replicate the joys of youth, I’ve been thinking about acquiring a pogo stick. Once upon a time, I was a regular Tanystropheus on pogo stick. 42 more words


Memory Lane: Sir Lancelot

My mother was a voracious reader with a love of history and legend, and she passed it on to me. I grew up on stories of King Arthur and his knights, especially her two favorites, Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad. 184 more words


The Seeds of 2017 Bear Fruit Salad

So apparently people are surprised that Evangelical Christians would throw their support behind a candidate who has been plausibly accused of pursuing and molesting teenage girls. 1,028 more words

Sexual Harassment

The Hated Reality and The Lost Language: The Bill Douglas Trilogy

To discover The Bill Douglas Trilogy is to rediscover cinema. At least it was for me. These days we may associate trilogies with commercial behemoths, a way of squeezing greater profit from scant material, but Douglas’s three shortish films, totalling a little under 3 hours, don’t fit any commercial model. 2,150 more words


It's Always "Bad Enough"*

When I was twelve years old, my parents switched churches over a dispute involving a stolen air conditioner. (For the record, I think they were right: You should not elect to church office anybody you suspect of stealing the air conditioning unit out of the fellowship hall, and most especially not on the grounds that if you don’t they might get mad and steal more stuff.) We moved from a small, country church full of people distantly related to my father to a small, country church full of people distantly related to my mother. 1,251 more words

Sexual Harassment

Memory Lane: Toy Horses

See that beautiful palomino horse, rearing up on his hind legs? It was a popular toy in the 1950s, and I still have mine, and it’s still beautiful. 226 more words

Memory Lane