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The Background Story...

My whole childhood has been a collection of careless decisions. From the ages 5-16, I was a rude, nasty little girl. Stealing from my family, friends, my parents’¬†clients, school, stores, everyone and everything. 661 more words

About Me

[Me, and {the} US]

As a growing young man I used to listen, every Sunday morning on BBC Radio 4, to Alistair Cooke’s “Letter from America”.

I remember on one occasion he described how he wrote the fifteen minute talks. 180 more words

Me To Yous

Memory Lane: Castro Convertibles

When I was a little boy, there was this little tiny girl on TV who busily converted a sofa into a bed: the famous Castro Convertible commercials. 133 more words


Memory Lane: The Lennon Sisters Sing 'Paper of Pins'

This video, vintage 1956, has the Lennon Sisters, on The Lawrence Welk Show, singing a dear old folk song, A Paper of Pins–one of the first songs I ever heard on a record: one of those little red records they used to have for kids. 121 more words


I just remembered something

I had been thinking that I don’t have the attachment-to-objects / empathy-for-objects thing¬†that some autistic people do (basically treating objects as if they have feelings. 230 more words


Diary Masa (terlalu) Muda

Dari pertama kali bisa menulis, gw udah mulai menulis diary (yang akhirnya keterusan sampe ke jaman internet ini). Foto di atas adalah foto diary pertama gw yang gw tulis dari umur 6 – 10 tahun. 442 more words

Bahasa Indonesia

Sequel: Nabisco's Prehistoric Beasts

After the Age of Dinosaurs, so we’ve all been told, came the Age of Mammals. And after Nabisco finished packing tiny little plastic dinosaurs as free prizes inside boxes of Wheat and Rice Honeys, they moved on to prehistoric mammals. 162 more words

Pop Culture