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A untimely love letter...

Hey you,

I remember your grandma.

She was so mean. Mean to a 5-year old is anyone who restricts her chance to play. Your grandmother’s funeral is one of the first I remember attending. 2,116 more words

Learning Bout Tab!

I have never seen a movie

(hi. does anyone remember me. this week my blog domain expired and there was about a 32 hour window where itsfineimfine.com was down and millions of people were up in arms about it so i’m back now and my millions i mean one person tweeted me ok) 270 more words

Tragic Things

I Can’t Stop Freaking Out About the New Star Wars Trailer

You guys I just sat down and watched the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens three times. The first time I screamed. The second time I cried. 768 more words

Cucumbers and Lazy Days

I am a southern girl, and when I was small we would visit my Grandma and Grandpa often. I have fond memories of helping them in the garden or spending idyllic hours doing nothing, lazing the days away on their porch or playing in their enormous side yard with my little brother and my cousins. 687 more words


Being an 80's child in Romania

I grew up in communist Romania, during the 80’s in a non-traditional setting. When I was born, my parents were still in college and I was raised by my grandparents (being raised by your grandparents is quite common in the Romanian culture). 540 more words

Being Human

The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth

Baby, you got a bad bad mouth
Everything is poison that’s coming out – PJ Harvey

A large part of my life has been a struggle for peace. 1,001 more words

My Childhood