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Fun Cereal Boxes

I was eating a box of Captain Crunch that my mom sent to me about a week ago and I got bored so I started looking at the box.  169 more words


Day Sixteen (HK Adventures): blowing bubbles

…the title pretty much sums up the whole day.

Yup. Bubbles.

As in, dish detergent formula soap bubbles? Absolutely.

Today my family went into… 269 more words

Hong Kong

facing old ideals

In my high school drama class, we had an assignment to create a unique character and then present a 5 minute sketch that would introduce the character to the audience. 383 more words


Transformation - Flamestorming prompt 1

My sweet sixteen

I’m not sure who decided that turning sixteen was so important for a young girl. I guess every culture has that line of demarcation where you shed the title of “child”, but in a middle-class family in the US when there’s no war or anything… turning sixteen basically means you can try to get your driver’s license. 185 more words

Brigit's Flame

If a tree falls...

If I eat a meal and no one sees, does it really count?

I’m noticing that I have a lot of trouble when I’m alone lately. 1,058 more words


Lessons From A Sad Childhood

Thinking back, my childhood was mostly bad. First of all, my parents didn’t read any book about how to raise a child or at least some psychology – the proper way to behave and interact with a child. 1,608 more words

Daily Prompt

The Duggars - My Thoughts

I’ve debated long and hard whether I wanted to touch this story.  For me, it’s brought up a ton of old feelings.  Seeing the comments and opinions swirling all over the internet has sometimes had me cheering and sometimes had me wanting to bang my head into a wall. 796 more words

Sexual Abuse