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tomorrow. we remember you.

i’m not ready to say “goodbye” to you. tomorrow.

we will gather as a family and remember your life. Micah will be there. Audrey too. you loved your babies. 344 more words

God At Work

The Peeper

We were at Pop & Gram’s Croydon home. Mom, Lauren, and I were supposed to be asleep – we were all in Mom’s bed. (Lauren and I may need to discuss this to be sure I’m remembering it right, she seems to think we were in our room) I am not sure why. 263 more words

My Childhood

Kids stuff

Paradoxically, one of the things that makes me anxious about a lot of “adulting” is having to ask for help with it or admit that I’ve messed something up, because the idea of being seen to be “bad at adulting” bothers me so much. 254 more words


The Ad Mad Kids

When I was in school, about 11 years of age, we had long holidays especially the summer vacation . They lasted about 2 months! Sometimes we visited our grandparents inĀ our native place, but when we didn’t, it would get really boring. 732 more words

My Childhood

To My Ma, on Mother's Day

You’re not here with us anymore, having moved to your mansion in our Father’s House; but there’s one thing I want to say to you that I never got around to saying while you were still present to hear it. 284 more words

A Personal Note

The Golden Liquid

The easiest way to offend a mother is to tell her to use a lighter hand while applying ghee on anything. The fact that her children can survive without unhealthy quantities of ghee in their lives is hitherto unknown to her and she lives in complete oblivion to it. 193 more words


Childhood memories (TW: Abuse)

I don’t know why, but this morning I had a little flashback to some things that happened in my childhood. Some things about my father, some things about my brother. 441 more words