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Billy and the Bottle

It was the year Princess Diana died. How old was I then? Maybe 12? Mom and Billy lived together in a mobile home in Mooresville, I think was the name of the town. 810 more words


Born of a Broken Lens

My feet are bare as they spring across scorching pavement. I run through a maze of inflatable castles, a piercing jumble of primary colors and high-pitched laughter. 773 more words

Stories From Life

The Younique Foundation

I’ve always felt very passionate about people getting help in overcoming things in their life, and recently I learned about “Younique Foundation”.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and the process of reporting and a conviction of the perpetrator proved to be traumatic as well.   156 more words

About Me

A true 90's kid: Cartoons

Today I took a trip down memory lane and watched youtube videos of songs that had a big impact on my childhood and are still very special to me… Yes, I admit it! 975 more words

The Girl That Was

Last night while I was at work, some words struck my heart.  It was random, completely out of the blue.  It was shortly after I basked in the sunshine before I had to punch the time clock. 704 more words


How To Remember The Little Things

My mom always left notes for herself. Everywhere. There could be notes hanging from the ceiling fan pull in the dining room, guaranteeing she would see them since that was the main thoroughfare of the house. 581 more words


Childhood Books

Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr. was one of my favorites. I always liked to chant when reading this book. Sometimes I’d change the words to “Brother Bear, Brother Bear” when reading around my brother because it annoyed him. 151 more words