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Cool kids

Lots of people have had a teacher who was “the cool teacher”. Has anyone else had a teacher who thought you were a cool student? 215 more words

My Childhood

Dirty Little Secret Chapter 3

briefly: I am writing my story as I lived it. Like all humans I’m imperfect, and like I state at times my memory is fuzzy. I’m reaching across years and decades of life. 3,938 more words

Memory Lane: 'Flying Purple People Eater'

I will not write about the election today! Or the debate, either–and you can’t make me.

I was nine years old when this song came out, and my friends and I quickly acquired toy Flying Purple People Eaters to add to our collections of Miller Space Aliens. 119 more words


Memory Lane: Miller's Space Aliens

These were among the coolest toys I ever had–Miller Company space aliens. Like the Miller dinosaurs, they were made of wax and terribly easy to break. 209 more words

Just For Fun

Memory Lane: A TV Show That Got Lots of Us in Trouble

Remember the old Winky Dink TV show, in the 1950s? Remember how we bugged our parents to send away for the Winky Dink Magic Kit, so we could put the Magic Screen over the TV screen and, with our special Magic Crayons, trace the arcane shapes and scrawls presented to us, until they came together to form a secret message? 60 more words


The Dirty little secret

This is going to be a hard story to tell. I have thought about it and tried many times over the last 5 years are so. 3,473 more words