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Memory Lane: Miller Dinosaurs

Remember these? They’re some of the glorious wax dinosaurs produced in the 1950s by the Miller Company.

These have always been among my all-time favorite toys. 186 more words


Memory Lane: One Summer Night

Grandma Moses’ barn dance–not quite what we had, but close enough

I wouldn’t want to let this summer pass away without one last visit to a summer long ago, a weekday summer night. 322 more words

Pop Culture

Waffles and Waffalls

by cheri

I realize this image is rather earthy: a warm buckwheat and blueberry waffle resting asymmetrically on a pedestrian paper plate, its blueberries warning of dark caverns filled with butter and pure maple syrup–a bite of hot crust that envelops the tang of hidden fruit. 210 more words


Opening a time capsule

I was at my mother’s house and I noticed in a drawer in my old bedroom a flyer I recognized from an event I attended in high school. 408 more words


I reblogged a post on Tumblr about, basically, this and this, and like five people who follow me immediately liked/reblogged it.

(a) sorry about our shitty childhoods, friends… 15 more words


She always understands

Dreamt of Ma last night. Don’t really remember much about the dream. Her face was all I could revoke and conjure up. Woke up with this heaviness in my heart, this familiar density and sickening weight. 525 more words