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"Why is my reflection someone I don't know?" (or Mulan, Fundamentalism, and Me)

It was 1999 and I was twelve years old as I sat on my bed listening to Christina Aguilera’s self-titled debut album on my Walkman to prevent the parental units from hearing some of the racier lines that weren’t exactly church-sanctioned— 1,176 more words


Dear brain

That post that says that the really harmful thing about bullying is when kids feel like they deserve to be bullied (because they don’t have supportive people in their lives), and that anti-bullying efforts would be more effective if they provided support instead of trying to stop bullying, 51 more words

Talking To Myself

Security Sisters

by cheri

I remember when Charles Schultz suggested that  security was “a thumb and a blanket.”

For me, security is still closely related to touch and sound. 205 more words


The Other Half-Circle of Hell

by cheri

Someone stole one of my blue ceramic pots from a small arched alcove up by our gate. To take the pot, the thief had to wriggle it  through Spanish iron. 484 more words


My childhood was the time when i was innocent

My childhood was the time when i was innocent…

when the world seemed to be fair….

when my universe was around my toys.

My childhood was the time when 9i lived in dreams… 91 more words


Game Therapy: Dragon Age II, Last Post on Part 2

This entry is based on a few earlier posts: here are the original concept & most directly linked entry.

Growing up early… Growing up early. 463 more words


This is kind of an unfinished thought, but (a) it’s been sitting “unfinished” in my drafts for a while now (b) it’s pretty long, so it may as well stand on its own. 533 more words