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Memory Lane: The Colonel's Den

Imagine that you’re twelve years old, visiting, with some of your friends, their cousin’s house. And you all go downstairs to what in most homes would be a cellar: but in this house, it’s a military treasure trove. 301 more words


An Enormous Green Spider

Linda was wondering about a spider she once encountered. Well, things do look bigger when we’re children, and maybe we don’t remember them with photographic accuracy. 211 more words


Memory Lane: Dr. Seuss Zoo

When I was 11 years old, I was crazy about these toys–the Dr. Seuss Zoo from the model company, Revell. This ad is from Life Magazine in 1959. 124 more words

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'Memory Lane: Hangman's Tree' (2015)

Yeah, this is another little piece of life around here that got erased by the orcs. Gone as if it had never been. As if I’d only dreamed it. 19 more words

Memory Lane

Memory Lane: Adults at Play

As a little boy, I watched in fascination, and not a little envy, when my aunts sat down to play Monopoly. Joan, Millie, and Gertie, usually with my mother and father joining them–and all that cool stuff going on: I used to poke around Grandpa’s house trying to find the Monopoly board, but could never guess where they’d put it. 222 more words

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Bye Bye, My Friends!

After months of being away from home and travelling here and there, end of last month I finally reached my parent’s home again where all of my stuffs are. 693 more words


Memory Lane: Model Cars

When I had to buy and install a new computer monitor yesterday, I was afraid it would turn into a fiasco. But once I opened the box and saw the parts, I discovered the assembly was so simple, even I could do it. 174 more words

Memory Lane