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100% Guaranteed X-ray Glasses!

Remember these? “See through skin, see through clothes…!” They were one of many truly schlocky items advertised in the back pages of comic books.

Did you ever send away for any of those? 56 more words

Just For Fun

Toothpaste Trials

As a kid I was fascinated by ads. I used to wonder how the actors managed to splash water perfectly on their face in soap ads. 282 more words

My Childhood

Memory Lane: 'Tombstone Territory'

Couldn’t resist this!

Every Saturday morning I used to run across the street to my friend Ellen’s house, and we’d watch this show: Tombstone Territory. … 93 more words

Memory Lane: 'The Cool Ghoul'

A lot of you are gonna say “Huh? What’s he talking about?” And some might even get a little cheesed off. But it isn’t everyone whose career extends over six decades; and Zacherley, “the Cool Ghoul”–horror movie host, disc jockey, presidential candidate–had the hottest show on TV when I was ten years old. 128 more words

A Bit of My Childhood Restored

Many months ago I posted a little essay about this picture–Swan Lake, by Muller-Kurzwelly–that used to hang in our living room when I was a boy, and how I loved to look at it and imagine myself going to that place. 60 more words

Re: the split attraction model

and my coming-out experiences in general.

So one of the main criticisms of the split attraction model that I’ve seen, is that it fits into & enables pressure on lesbians to remain “available to men” in some way. 556 more words

Thinky Thoughts

"Why is my reflection someone I don't know?" (or Mulan, Fundamentalism, and Me)

It was 1999 and I was twelve-years-old as I sat on my bed listening to Christina Aguilera’s self-titled debut album on my Walkman to prevent the parental units from hearing some of the racier lines that weren’t exactly church-sanctioned— 1,318 more words