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Don't Want But NEED This Rap Video That Led To South O Drug And Gun Bust

Online rap video leads to gun, drug bust

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Detectives with OPD’s Gang Suppression Unit and SWAT rounded up three suspects Wednesday night faced with charges that range from weapons violations to drug possession and child neglect.

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Sweet '16

What’s the best way to start a new year?  Take a visit to the past.  I saw my old home yesterday.  I couldn’t go inside.  The lovely couple who inhabited the house after my family and I vacated it three and a half years ago kept asking if I wanted to see “what they’ve done with the place.”  Refaced the kitchen, added on, updated the master bath, re-landscaped the backyard…I politely declined.   789 more words



‘Poetry is inspired;

A result of divine intervention,’

that is what they said

when I asked how.

Inspiration wasn’t easy to find;

The trams, the dirt and the sky; 127 more words

Poetry And Art

The buzz, the buzz of a city...

I took a bus through part of London today, something I rarely do, preferring the speed of the tube or walking the back streets. But it was nice to watch the city pass by. 222 more words


In Paradise with the Locals

Hello cruel world…

I have been living in Hawaii for more than a year now and I love how I fit in. It may be strange and foolish that I can actually walk into downtown and mind my own business here now, but over the past decade, I have been in different countries exploring the greener side of the world. 326 more words