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Today My Heart Goes Out To...

Well, today is Ash Wednesday, which prompted my “creative juices” to come up with these thoughts. Enjoy.

Today my heart goes out to the people who actually do have dirt on their forehead, but no one will say anything just in case. 104 more words

My Comedy.

Pop Culture Thoughts 11-21-2013

Not only do George Zimmerman’s aggressive actions raise the public’s awareness about gun violence, but also his beard raises the public’s awareness about cancer. He may be a human piece of shit, but he’s seriously committed to No Shave November. 66 more words

My Comedy.


Well, I already posted twice, without describing what it is I’m doing here. This is a blog for comedians and lovers of jokes. I welcome clever chaps, witty people, intelligent persons who are interested in bettering their knowledge of the already legendary New York comedy scene. 149 more words

My Comedy

Next Thursday

Next Thursday I’ll be at 11th Street Cafe down on 11th St and Greenwich St. Come by! I will be reporting on the event and also performing for the first time. 44 more words

My Comedy

Herb Alpert solo dance parties.

Back in college, my freshman year roommate and I had an inside joke where we’d act like complete a-holes in our chairs whenever we heard or hummed a Herb Alpert tune. 44 more words

Jessie Mahne

The Stand Up @ Mikey's Skylight Room

The last time I performed stand-up was in January of 2007.  I decided that an almost two year hiatus was enough. I had to stop making up horseshit excuses for not performing stand-up. 92 more words

Jessie Mahne