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How much info is too much.

I wanted to share my feeling on sharing information. For the most part I’m free with my life and what is going on in it, but there is a point for myself and my family when I draw a line. 88 more words

My Crazy World

Happy Labor Day

Good morning guys and Happy Labor Day! As you can see we have already been laboring away today.

For me crafts and art are not much of a labor, and having the day off from the 9 to 5 grind is a wonderful thing. 118 more words

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Play time

Sometimes you just have to put the world and work on the back burner. You have to just play. These three recharge my batteries better than anything. 16 more words

My Crazy World

My single parent story

​This post is to introduce that I am a single parent, my family is what the modern day families are looking like in today’s world, which is interesting because I grew up in an average family, Mom, Dad and two older brothers and the princess baby Melissa. 466 more words

My Crazy World

Riomaggoire, Day 2

We found a quaint breakfast spot and through a little language confusion ended up with some of what we ordered and some of what we didn’t! 475 more words


Riomaggiore, Day 1

I ran from my train to the front of the station to meet Sheldon, found her, gave her a big hug and we made the mad dash to find our train. 451 more words

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En Route to Europe! 

What a day! My final day at work for three weeks, the Celeb Sports Quiz then straight out on my flight! It was hectic to say the least. 680 more words

My Crazy World