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A long line...

I have been so busy of late in school. From resumption after 3 months strike, to lectures, revisions, exams and later my elections. I am glad to be back after a long time and a long line of absence. 43 more words

My Dairy


Bác nói: “ Con nên viết nhật ký , để rồi sau này đọc lại đã biết mình đã làm được gì và chưa làm được gì”. 1,665 more words

19 Jan, 2016

Ngày gì thế nhỉ ^^ lại không muốn nói chuyện dù chỉ là 1 câu. Dường như cái rào cản là quá lớn. Một rào cản vô hình. 462 more words

My Dairy

Why Your New Year Resolutions Never Fall Through...

The year is coming to an end and everybody is bringing out their writing materials to write out the various changes they want to see in their lives come 2016… I’m sure you’ve done that already, and that was exactly how you wrote it last year and the year before that, but sadly those plans don’t fall through. 853 more words

My Dairy

"Dear God... I Want A Rich Man"

A young lady wakes up one morning and her prayer went thus; “Dear God, I’ve been really patient and trying not to admit, but please I want a rich man. 790 more words


Curve Line and Million Questions

Hello World,

I’m writing my first blog… writing my First post…

Its been tough and rough year… searching a meaning for my life searching meaning why I’m living this life? 136 more words

Searching Life

The way you are

One among many things I learnt from Dale Carnegie is that we must learn to appreciate our colleagues, friends and subordinates at work but most particularly to me, we must learn to appreciate and commend our spouses to remind them what they mean to us and how much we care about them. 474 more words

My Dairy