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Political Parties Give Free Kerosene For Votes...

On my way to work this morning, I met a large group of people queuing for kerosene at Muyibi street in Ajegunle, and I thought at first that maybe kerosene has joined fuel in the election scarcity, only for me to realize that they are not buying the kerosene, rather one of the political parties in Nigeria is supplying to people for free! 206 more words


Lagos Life: Three Healthy female beggars.

It is  one thing for disabled people to start begging on the street, though sometimes we might want to ask if these people can’t  find their way around doing something productive for themselves, but when obviously healthy people start to beg on a hot Sunday afternoon, then that’s popping up the eyes of everyone and stirring up the curiosity of almost all who see them. 197 more words


Finding home

For the over two decades that I’ve lived on this earth,

I have always been homeless.

I have never had a home that I could call mine. 354 more words

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no photo- its selfie

Selfie was started from the history of camera, where first ever photograph of a person was a selfie, same with my cell phone. I clicked my first selfie with my first phone. 177 more words

one of the problem in everyday life

SEE her hair. oh! my god, i love them. Pra your hair it looks perfect. I want same style on mine too. I have been listening to it  220 more words

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Recipes for successful marital life

I came across this beautiful piece yesterday on Daily trust and decided to pass the message around. With the increasing number of divorce cases in our society, i humbly think this piece is wonderful, timely and i recommend it to all and sundry. 1,158 more words

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It's hard being 25

SOOOOOO… 25???

I feel like aging, aging, aging fast and every time my mom calls me because she obviously loves to talk “very freaking much”.  But when it comes to parents its not so bad AT ALL, it’s only bad when they manage to embarrass you in front of a lot of people or my boyfriend. 152 more words