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Can I Bitch About Other Women As A Feminist?

I call myself a feminist most times, it is one label I presently do not hesitate to tag myself and that is because I know that being a feminist is me standing up for myself and other women. 879 more words


'Pain' My life...

You know what our problem is? We don’t want to feel pain. We are afraid of feeling pain. We have half-hearted conversations with pain. Pain is that friend you make small talk with at a party. 196 more words

#RadioDay: Let's Talk About Why I Love Radio, My OAP Practices & My Favorite Stations

Hey guys! I love radio so much and I feel so guilty I’m only just finding out about this day, truth is, if I had known earlier, I would have given you tons of posts, but for now, do enjoy this little post of mine talk about my first love and how it keeps me company. 1,036 more words


The unforgettable Auto Ride!

Debina, my best friend, you know her right, that short height, curly hair, fair complexion with round spectacles.

We were such a close friend, we use to sit together in class, bitch together about others, and stare at handsome guys. 1,127 more words

03/02/2018, ngày anh làm rể người ta

Hôm nay anh cưới rồi. Cuối cùng thì ngón áp út trên bàn tay trái anh cũng đã có chủ. Cơ mà, vẫn chẳng phải của em… Bao lời yêu thương muốn nói cũng nói hết 7 năm nay rồi, đọng lại cũng chỉ là câu nói mong anh hạnh phúc thôi :) . 264 more words