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Curve Line and Million Questions

Hello World,

I’m writing my first blog… writing my First post…

Its been tough and rough year… searching a meaning for my life searching meaning why I’m living this life? 136 more words

Searching Life

The way you are

One among many things I learnt from Dale Carnegie is that we must learn to appreciate our colleagues, friends and subordinates at work but most particularly to me, we must learn to appreciate and commend our spouses to remind them what they mean to us and how much we care about them. 474 more words

My Dairy


Life can be beautiful, especially when your life is going as planned. Things are working out alright and you feel like the master and author of your own story… aren’t we all? 586 more words


What am I doing with my life?

Dear Dairy,

What the hell am I doing???

I gradated in the summer of 2010, top of my class, head prefect, awards and accolades….I think I have entered a drought in the success arena. 295 more words


Kaanto pe chalta raha phoolon ki khahish mein

Khuwab main bunta raha saraab ki khahishon mein…

کانٹوں په چلتا رھا پھُولوں کی خواھِش میں

خواب میں بُنتا رھا سَراب کی خواھِشوں میں

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My Diary

Political Parties Give Free Kerosene For Votes...

On my way to work this morning, I met a large group of people queuing for kerosene at Muyibi street in Ajegunle, and I thought at first that maybe kerosene has joined fuel in the election scarcity, only for me to realize that they are not buying the kerosene, rather one of the political parties in Nigeria is supplying to people for free! 206 more words


Lagos Life: Three Healthy female beggars.

It is  one thing for disabled people to start begging on the street, though sometimes we might want to ask if these people can’t  find their way around doing something productive for themselves, but when obviously healthy people start to beg on a hot Sunday afternoon, then that’s popping up the eyes of everyone and stirring up the curiosity of almost all who see them. 197 more words