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NaBloMoPlo Day 1: France 2016 - Day 3 & 4

Day three also started with watching forty brits gorge themselves on French food while the local workers literally ran around In a panic, didn’t I say coach trips are the wrong kind of of right. 323 more words

Taught my first class...killed it!

I think we talked about practicing with the cats over the weekend to teach a class.

Well, today was my first class and I…killed it. You knew that was coming! 304 more words

What I Love!

Not So Secret

I told my other friends who I liked. He showed up at lunch again. I made sure non of my friends walked near him this time. 76 more words

My Day

My Friends : The Tellers of Secrets

My crush is kind of my friend which worries me because um, friend zone. We eat separate lunch periods and yesterday I saw him at my lunch period. 102 more words

My Day

He Forgot?

The *********** is coming up and I think ****** forgot. I’m pretty sure he forgot all together. He probably isn’t going. I hope he doesn’t because if he does I have to show my friend who he is. 71 more words

My Day

I Invited Him

I invited this guy to ************************** (hidden so you don’t figure out who he is). My friend said she told some other guy named the name of the guy that I liked him. 61 more words

My Day

Busy Bee

Today I had to go to my talent show rehearsal and learn a whole new song.  My duet partner singing had to go to another club thing and I had to just awkwardly watch and learn the words. 54 more words

My Day