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A great date!

No, I am not cheating on PSM!

I’ve told you, I have so many fabulous girlfriends that if I ‘played for the other team’ we would be dating! 187 more words

What I Love!

Solid one up... wow

Have you ever had that happen?

First, do you know what a one up is? Let me ‘splain… you tell someone something and they have to tell you something better that happened to them, or something worse. 183 more words

My Random Musings

Ended on a positive

Today we flew back to Oahu since I have to fly back to Chicago for work.

Here’s the crazy thing… I’m flying home next week! I’m only going to be gone for a week, what? 226 more words

What I Love!

 Not cool...nefarious Mauians...

Not the experience we hoped for.

Sorry there wasn’t a post last night. Got to Maui, grabbed some lunch, then went to the farm where PSM was teaching a class. 559 more words

A New Adventure

I'm home!

The homecoming was less than climactic. Let me explain…

PSM and I decided we would go to Maui for the weekend, he’s only been there for work, never pleasure, so, let’s do it! 121 more words

What I Love!

A new movie...a new theater

The movie was good… theater, not as much.

DLP and I decided to go to a movie tonight and it was a choice of Boss Baby or The Smurfs. 340 more words

What I Love!

A new vegan restaurant

Tonight I tried a new vegan restaurant and I liked it.

Nothing fancy, nicer than a hole in the wall, but about that size. Thank goodness I have friends who are happy to try vegan places with me! 320 more words

What I Love!