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I'm home, make the most of the day!

Another day in paradise. Even though I had to work, it’s still paradise.

I got up way too early, which was planned, I’m keeping my central time hours, that means a 4:15am wake up. 221 more words

What I Love!

2 flights, 2 hour delays, 6 movies, some work and I'm home!

I kid you not, today was a killer travel day!

So… 4:15am alarm, oh joy! I had already packed last night, laid out my clothes, so it was just a matter of getting up, showered, dressed and to the airport. 638 more words

What I Love!

Another great Boston weekend!

Come to think of it, when isn’t it?!

I arrived Friday night, no issues, thankfully. GES had just gotten home from girls night, I didn’t expect anyone to be up, so this was a nice treat. 531 more words

What I Love!

February 14th, what a day!

It’s a special day for a lot of reasons, let’s talk about why!

First, it’s Valentine’s Day. On the one hand, there’s a lot of pressure…that people put on themselves. 347 more words

What I Love!

Two random butt dials in a day? What are the odds?

I finally remembered what it was I was going to tell you yesterday!

First, do you know what a butt dial is? That is where you randomly dial someone’s number on your cell phone without realizing it. 147 more words

What I Love!

It was so funny I forgot!

I had this great idea for a post tonight…And you get this!

That drives me crazy! I often have these great ideas and I think ‘ooh, that would be funny!’ Or ‘I really need to remember that!’ See where that got me! 83 more words

What I Love!

A great day on the mountain, do we have to leave?

Today was a much better day on the mountain, so hard to leave!

This morning we slept in a minute, we were only about 20 minutes from the mountain, so we took our time. 463 more words

What I Love!