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Day 9...Good morning Guam!

Hafa adai from Guam!

It’s Sunday and we left Chuuk at 250am and we have a, twelve hour layover in Guam, what to do?!

We collected our bags, they wouldn’t check them all the way thru to our next location, rented a car and away we went. 390 more words

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Day 9...Goodbye Guam...Say hello to Saipan!

Long time no speak!

Forty five minute fight on a puddle jumper to Saipan, our next location! We got off the plane like we did Palau and Chuuk, outside the terminal. 200 more words

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Day 8...Chuuk

Good morning from Chuuk!

Today… We snorkel! Yesterday, we finally got in touch with the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop. They answered the phone!

That’s part of the reason we didn’t stay with them to begin with, we couldn’t get them on the line, maybe they were out diving. 603 more words

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Day 7...Chuuk

Hello from to Chuuk! Chuukese is way too difficult, I’ll stick with English!

So… we get to Chuuk, it’s give name, but… here’s the kicker, you may have heard it called Truk because when the Germans came in they couldn’t pronounce Chuuk , so it was changed to Truk! 747 more words

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Day 5...Palau

Alii from Palau!

What a day! It started out gloomy and turned into ahhh! This was one of those days that of we were home or in one place for a while, we could have seen staying in and watching movies, but we’re really only here for two days, so we don’t want to miss it. 838 more words

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Day 6...Palau

Ungil Tutau from Palau!

Our second and fabulous day in Palau. Today, only one excursion and happy hour. But what an excursion!

Today, it was a little more than half a day snorkel trip! 1,076 more words

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Day 4...Guam and off to...

Ok, so, apparently I don’t want to sleep in vacation! 2:45am seems like a good time to get up…oh brother.

Well, after a fashion, about 5:30am, I had had enough. 818 more words

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