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Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello everyone! Yes, I am still alive :D Two days ago, I went from Tweenie to Teenie! Yes, you got it, I turned 13!! XD it’s already been a month since I started my blog, I’m grateful for everything life has given; great friends (that are also my sisters), someone I believe is worth loving (-cough-Senpai-cough- hint hint), an annoyingly spastic sister and my parents! 564 more words


 Tittesworth Reservoir.

and no that’s not a fake name for a place. Sunday I asked my parents if we could go for a walk as that normally helps me to relax before exams. 121 more words

My Week/Day/Whatever/Rant

Dear followers and readers and anybody that gives a shet to even read this.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately.

Recently I have done something I shouldn’t have done. 269 more words


I'm Sick And Sad

So I had a pretty crabby day on Friday.

The first half of the day, though, to be honest, was really fun. But then throughout that day school had become pretty depressing having to watch my senpai* that looked depressed, tired and angry. 317 more words


Catching Up

I realize it’s been a while. But I’d rather skip over excuses and get to the good stuff. I’m graduating. Everything I have to say on “the changes in my future” you’ve heard before, so I’ll skip that. 113 more words

Yesterdays Adventure

After class yesterday, a few friends and I wanted to explore the downtown area in which our school is surrounded by. We first got some food at Green Bean cafe. 212 more words


Day 1

Some basics about why I’m doing this:

1. At least in the beginning I’ll do my best to do this every day but don’t hold out for it. 762 more words

Day 1