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November 10, 2015 - long day

Well, the day started out very nice. Got to spend some time with the husband  and then headed for the doctors to give them a vile of blood to test for thyroid.  805 more words



I’m finding it harder and harder to keep posting while in college with the work load being as extreme as it is. So in this post and probably others to come I wanted to talk about my classes, as that’s one of only a few things in experiencing at the moment. 345 more words


Leeds festival part two.

Now the fun part the bands.

We came earlyish arriving at 11 after taking a train from Manchester for 1h 44mins which was and then a ‘direct’ bus to the festival which was £7 ‘cheap day ticket’. 1,261 more words

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Leeds festival part one.

Sorry this was in my drafts from ages ago:
Me and a few of my friends decided to go on the Saturday of Leeds festival, as its one of the better festivals that’s near where we live. 354 more words

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Edinburgh: Day 3

Day 3

For breakfast I had a red velvet for the first time, and a hot chocolate , but don’t let the picture fool you it tasted gross. 322 more words



This time it was for pleasure and not business, the last post I did about Edinburgh  was to look around the university at a course that I could never get into. 397 more words

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A Really, Really Big Lake

I’ve never been to the ocean. I’ve never smelled salt blown in on renegade winds. I’ve never strolled on the beaches of France, never sailed on off the coast of California, never fished with Alaskan shores at my back. 231 more words