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So…did I mention that I knew I would be in pain today?

The day after I did the Honolulu Marathon 10k? Then sitting on one flight for 7+ hours, in a 2nd seat with minimal movement? 297 more words

What I Love!

What do you do on a Sunday at 5am in Hawaii?

Well, if you were me this morning, you would have been at the starting line of the 45th Honolulu Marathon/10k!

This was my first race in Hawaii since I moved here, crazy, right? 875 more words

What I Love!

Paper, I recommend paper!!!

I am tired of doing dishes! Only paper!!

I say that every time I am washing dishes! Argh! And the reason I am washing so many dishes is that the dishwasher is broken and it turns out we are waiting is our landlord. 278 more words

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I've made what?

This week, I’ve been home and cooking! It’s been brilliant! And, just using what’s in the house and the pantry is getting bare!

So…I’ve been home about a week and helping PSM through his recovery, he’s fine, promise, but we’ve been a little house bound and I’ve been cooking. 402 more words

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I'm home and it's date night!

It’s Monday, and after a great week and weekend, it was time to head home and away I went!

I boarded my first flight, settled in, connected to WiFi and started working. 142 more words

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Thanksgiving is over...right?

Nope! Ha ha!

Thanksgiving was yesterday, here we are on Friday, most people are maybe tightening their belts again after their Thanksgiving meals yesterday and some people are black Friday shopping. 405 more words

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I'm Thankful For...

It’s Thanksgiving 2017 and don’t we have so much to be thankful for? I do! Where do I start?

There is so much to be thankful for, every day we should be thankful, I know am, but it’s interesting that we almost boil it down to one day, but that’s not even true, is it? 1,658 more words

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