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Ground Control...a new vegan place!

Tonight was date night!

WIS found, as she always does, a new vegan restaurant for us to try! Wahoo! I am a very lucky person to have people who want to share veggie/ vegan with me! 264 more words

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Movies in the Park...Hidden Figures

Fifth, sixth, maybe eighth time I’ve seen this movie, only gets better!

If you know me, you know I love movies and if I love a movie, I’ll watch it a few times, maybe more. 182 more words

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Being appreciated...

It seems to be very underrated, but it can do so much!

When you do something, hopefully you’re not doing it only to get noticed, especially when it comes to work. 205 more words

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Short, but sweet visit

In Vegas, I had a nice visit with family friends.

One of my mom’s oldest friends, that being a friend she knew longer than others, since they were twelve, that’s a while, I should think. 129 more words

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Well, I didn't expect to see that.

Yesterday, when I went into one of the hotel lobby bathrooms, I saw something I definitely wasn’t expecting to see.

I walked in, saw two women standing at the sink talking. 171 more words

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What a day! Vegas style baby!

What a day, a great one!

It was a long one… ready… set… go!

I arrived in Las Vegas late, took forever to get the rental car, so I arrived at the hotel about 130am, I was hungry, definitely not sleepy and it’s Vegas, so, off on search of food. 874 more words

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Happy Birthday JCT!

It’s August 3rd, happy birthday to anyone celebrating their birthday, but today is my friend, JCT’s, birthday!

JCT and I have been friends since 2009, wow! 256 more words

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