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Edinburgh: Day 3

Day 3

For breakfast I had a red velvet for the first time, and a hot chocolate , but don’t let the picture fool you it tasted gross. 322 more words



This time it was for pleasure and not business, the last post I did about Edinburgh  was to look around the university at a course that I could never get into. 397 more words

My Day

A Really, Really Big Lake

I’ve never been to the ocean. I’ve never smelled salt blown in on renegade winds. I’ve never strolled on the beaches of France, never sailed on off the coast of California, never fished with Alaskan shores at my back. 231 more words

Of Protruding Metal and Packing

I love packing. But trying to transfer¬†17 years into a minimal amount of banker’s boxes isn’t calming. Should my broken harmonica go next to my slippers? 261 more words

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello everyone! Yes, I am still alive :D Two days ago, I went from Tweenie to Teenie! Yes, you got it, I turned 13!! XD it’s already been a month since I started my blog, I’m grateful for everything life has given; great friends (that are also my sisters), someone I believe is worth loving (-cough-Senpai-cough- hint hint), an annoyingly spastic sister and my parents! 564 more words


 Tittesworth Reservoir.

and no that’s not a fake name for a place. Sunday I asked my parents if we could go for a walk as that normally helps me to relax before exams. 121 more words

My Week/Day/Whatever/Rant

Dear followers and readers and anybody that gives a shet to even read this.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately.

Recently I have done something I shouldn’t have done. 269 more words