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Who schedules appointments for Saturday mornings? Duh.

I got back to the hotel, the guys were up and ready to go, it’s brunch time! We went to Yolk, a nice place for brunch, I was there with CKM. 168 more words

What I Love!

Inspiration hit me like a car on E-611

Last night was something else man. I did NOT expect to have such a good time. It was raining, so the walk there itself was an adventure. 263 more words


RIP the other part of me that was still alive before but isn't anymore.

Okay maybe Financial Acct. wasn’t that bad, but it was still long and boring, I had to think a lot and there wasn’t enough time for me to check all my answers. 103 more words


24 hours

Slept | make up | made daal | almost danced awkwardly at a gig | slept | coffee | brushed hair | driven to Canterbury | held my head high even though afraid | volunteered | forgot to phone people | had coffee with my fave | had tea and cake with an old friend | cried | laughed | been restrained in lush | eaten fish and chips | read | bathed in lush bath bomb bliss | done 40 minutes of yoga | collapsed on sofa to read some more

Chronic Illness

A great day...but please,  no more deep dish!

What a great day! PSM and ST are here in Chicago with me, we’re going to have a good time.

PSM and I went into my office this morning for a few hours, went to lunch with DLP and then headed to the hotel. 214 more words

What I Love!

I got my baby back!

That is so very cheesy!

What’s worse? I said we should have ribs for dinner so I could sing that! Oh brother!

So…bottom line, I got to see my beau tonight. 107 more words

What I Love!

Can't Think of a Title 2

Today was a pretty chill day, it was sunny and I got to work a bit early.

The workflow was okay but what I really want to talk about is this book!!! 542 more words