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Vent Sesh: In a Funk, Predicting Self-Sabotage & Showing Up

Confession … I’m struggling & in a funk. Mentally I am just not where I want to be and I can’t seem to shake it this time around. 610 more words


Another Day:

Today I am in classes all day. I am taking a 19th and 20th Century Culture class and Political & Social Philosophy. Once I get to leave classes, I then go home to read a ton and start on yet another paper on Colonial South America and the U.S.’s / Spanish interventionist policies. 54 more words

My Day

Bummer... No Pictures today... but..

I guess no picture for today of my adventure due to my current blog restriction, but I am happy to announce that I am finally, officially, apart of a gym! 486 more words


The Mud

I promised ups and downs here, so I guess this is part of it! ¬†Lately, I have been feeling really productive; that fresh feeling you get at the beginning of the school year, with crisp fall leaves and the coffee and optimism to fuel this for what seems like forever… BUT IT’S THE MIDDLE OF JULY. ¬† 471 more words


Random Muttering 7/16/2017: Busy as a Bee

The new school year is as busy as expected.

I am trying my best to juggle my time between preparing for my classes, tutoring to earn extra and pursuing my interests namely entertainment, literature, and crafting. 59 more words

My Day

When we were young.

Dear Diary,

Being a young adult is hard. You can be forced into maturity like 0 to 100 real quick bro.You can’t be inquisitive, playful, can’t throw tantrums anymore. 255 more words

My Day

Real Talk: Recovery Relapse

I’ve sprinkled the topic of my recovery here & there on the blog, but haven’t really gone into detail. To put it simply, I am an addict. 457 more words