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2 hours of time wasted on TV today.

And now that I can see it typed out I am so so so ashamed. No more eating in front of the TV. I’m 19 now. 94 more words


Debate...no comment

No, my friends, I am not going to comment, I’m not going to tell you my opinion on the election or who I’m going to vote for. 298 more words

My Random Musings

The absence of sushi isn't as alarming as one might think

All those comics of your bed practically holding you hostage in the morning with its warmth and non-judgement are finally something I can relate to. Mornings are getting colder and my motivation to get up is diminishing. 222 more words


Walking on sunshine yet still freezing

I really need to start waking up early, because its turning into a bad bad habit. I laze away all morning, and don’t start work even though my to-do list just keeps growing. 216 more words


90°F...It's Fall...

So today it was super hot out. It’s fall now, I want crisp breezes and autumn leaves falling down on me! Okay the leaves part won’t happen because there aren’t that many trees around that turn that beautiful orange and yellow that give that fall aesthetic. 298 more words


Views (from the 3rd floor of McLennan)

This morning was super lazy – slept in till 9 lazy! Then after a nice brunch I went with Badia to study in McLennan. Crazy cold today though… 135 more words


Miles...tolls...hotels...1.5 fill ups

A drive across country isn’t an easy task.

Between today and yesterday I have driven 1180 miles, 18 hours…spent $60 in tolls…$360 in hotels, oh my! 161 more words

My Random Musings