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A nice memory was triggered

Tonight I played gin.

I know, you’re wondering how I played a drink, ha ha. No, silly, I played a card game, some of you might know it as gin -rummy. 219 more words

What I Love!

So Daycare vouchers are only for those on welfare?

Hey guys,

I know I said I was going to work harder at posting everyday, but I’ve been severely slacking. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on, I’m sorry! 283 more words


Kenapa Share yang Lain Kalau Share Materi Agama Lebih Manfaat?

Kenapa harus malu berbagi materi agama? Bukankan berbagi materi agama itu termasuk dalam berbagi/mengajak kepada kebaikan? Terus kenapa harus malu? Berbagi kebaikan memiliki banyak keutamaan, diantaranya: 1,137 more words

Belajar Islam


If I died tonight, what would I want you to know? (I’m not feeling suicidal, just deep in thought)

I’ve always felt a wall between me and other people. 623 more words

My Day


I’m so relieved to be home.

RELAW Training Retreat Week #2 at Cheakamus Centre in the Squamish wilderness= check!

It was definitely worthwhile for me, but it sure felt long. 266 more words

My Day

My Daily Routine

My daily routine consists of multiple things. It starts off with me waking up, getting dressed and then heading to school. However, when all of that is done, the real fun begins. 580 more words


Less than 24 hours later

Walk away, head held high because YOU’VE BEEN WRONGED

You’re smart, loyal, loving and caring and not drop-dead gorgeous (but pretty alright when you put the effort in) 368 more words

Mental Health