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BSMI Updated With My Last Shoots

The good friends of BSMI updated their websites with the photos that I shooted during the last summer. They uploaded to their store and to the enterprise site.



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Put simply..thank you

31 Day Challenge Day 11

First I must apologise for this post being a day late and once you’ve read this post I hope you’ll understand why. 230 more words

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Villa Kura-kura

Villa Kura-Kura Bali,
General Contractor : Upadana Semesta
Designed by SHL Asia

Bali Architect

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These Samplers Are Brought To You By the Fibonacci Sequence and the Factors of Sixty

Okay, to be honest, I’ve been putting off writing about these two because I wasn’t sure how to explain them in a way that was clear to people who didn’t know about Fibonacci numbers but not boring to people who do. 353 more words

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H A R D W I R E D   J A C K E T   P R O J E C T

Here is …

Finally we made it … contains the highlights of every song, and when the tittle of the song appears, the letter is a little big. 31 more words

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P R E V I E W : H A R D W I R E D   J A C K E T

Do you like it? Finally we made!

Sorry by the quality of the photos, we finished it too late and I havent the right light. When the jacket will hit the streets you will have the perfect photoshoots of it.

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Project 04 - Photo Montage

I did a bit of research on the artist Nicholas Lampert and his Meatscape montages that were designed to make a subtle statement.

It prompted me to take an image from the drought of 2012 and portray how the broken, jagged landscape looks like the surface of the Moon. 28 more words

My Designs