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Fakemon Designs: Silchick and Silkatrice

Name: Silchick -> Silkatrice
Classification: The Hatchling Pokemon -> The Cockatrice Pokemon
Type: Normal -> Normal/Dragon
Ability: Fur Coat/Petrify
Moves: Peck, Dragon Claw, Glare, Egg Bomb… 689 more words


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I get so focussed on dreaming about travelling, that I forget to explore my own city. Today I took a young friend to all my old haunts in Sydney town and he absolutely loved it! 84 more words


Etsy and me

The online shopping experience of ETSY keeps me both beguiled and baffled. It seems infinite, like an enormous art and craft fair; at the same time it’s very tricky to navigate to the supplies or handmade items you want to buy. 269 more words

Charity Knitting

Everything Must Go!

Some big things are happening in my life over the next two months and one of those includes moving to California in May! Living in Ohio, as you can imagine, will be expensive to move across America and so I am trying to bring as little as possible with me. 18 more words

Gracie Pooh Cute


What is your inner animal?


Colour (aka color)

Isn’t it strange how we have multiple spellings for the same word? COLOUR = COLOR… both look strange to me in capitals…