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Postcard Project: Paris, France

I’ve been to Paris twice now. Once on a group trip with an art history professor, which is a pretty amazing way to see the city and… 245 more words


Postcard Project: Italia

I’ve traveled quite a bit so far. And my favorite souvenirs are postcards. Every city has them no matter what country you’re in, they’re always cheap, and friends and family… 607 more words


Snowmelt Gaiters Sneak Preview

I found this advertisement when I was researching ‘gaiters’, used once upon a time in a street-smart fashion. Though the word ‘gaiters’ is only mentioned in Candee’s advert, it is the window display of shoes & gaiters which is telling. 280 more words

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my designs

Welcome to my website this is about bracelets these bracelets are not free when i first started my little company all i ask for was a 1.00  people payed me a dollar now i donot ask for 1.00 now because it was to cheap got prices like 1.50 or 2.00 but these can be rubberband bracelets or any kind of bracelet that i have very good bracelets in stock the are good design bracelets you will love these bracelets

A Coat of Polish

I’ve got another update to my teleport based platformer today. As the title suggests, it’s mainly a polish. However, I’ve also finished prototyping some mechanics which allow for the creation of puzzles. 251 more words

My Designs

Happy Rainclouds!

I’ll be honest.  I don’t like the rain.

Its usually cold, the ground gets all muddy, the dog is stuck in the kitchen until he dries. 105 more words

My Designs

Snowmelt Tam & Toque Pattern Arrives!

At last I say goodbye to the snow which is melting at a rapid pace in the mountains of California. At least in the lower places. 202 more words

Jenjoyce Design