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New phone: Samsung Galaxy S III phone with Replicant

Thanks to the Bazaar effort of The Guardian Project, I’ve been offered a phone to test F-Droid and other free software apps for Android. I accepted the offer, and chose a Samsung Galaxy S III phone with  1,996 more words

My Experiences And Opinion

More involved in the Debian Publicity team

More than 6months since I am Debian Developer and I’m learning new things every day… and trying to organize my time better to accomplish all the things I would like to do. 643 more words

My Experiences And Opinion

Thanks Ian, thanks Debian

I didn’t know Ian Murdock but the news about his passing left me with a very strange and sad feeling, because he started the project that creates the tool that I use every day in my work, and everyday in my communication with my family and friends, and everyday for anything computer related… It’s like if somebody puts a treasure in your hands and you got distracted looking at it and when you head up to look at the person and say ‘Thank you’, he’s gone… 208 more words

My Experiences And Opinion

Software Freedom Conservancy supporter

I think it’s important that organizations as Software Freedom Conservancy exist.
They provide a non-profit home, infrastructure, and advice for FLOSS projects. They take care that the will of the project members, choosing free software licenses, is respected by third parties. 152 more words

My Experiences And Opinion

Look at that nice looking FreedomBox!

This is a guest post by Alberto Fuentes, Debian contributor. Thanks!!

I’m rebuilding one my home server and decided to take a look at the FreedomBox project as the base for it. 144 more words

My Experiences And Opinion