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When I returned to school, I was a nervous wreck. I wondered if I would finally be accepted by my classmates,whether the teacher would be nice? 1,077 more words

My Experiences

Truly Remarkable

My wife is upset about a whole bunch of things, not least of which is me. At any rate, if you hadn’t been up on the current event in our lives, we are in the process of moving. 550 more words

My Experiences

Birthday celebrations| too fun or too much?

Hello people! How’re y’all doing? I really hope things are going okay for you. And if things aren’t going really well for you right now, don’t forget to keep putting your trust in God. 628 more words

My Experiences

Betrayal is unforgivable when reputation becomes questionable

My mum once said in her indigenous language, “forbid for people what they forbid.”

I inherited from my maternal grandfather loathe for the popular Nigerian meal called Akpu (also referred to as fufu or santana). 1,005 more words


Hospital Diary 1

We four (I, husband, son and daughter) lived in Pune. When Covid-19 started hitting the wave, we were worried like other families do. Initially, we stocked the essential items to survive for two months. 172 more words


Drawing Your Soulmate


I did it. Well, I had all ready done it, but now it’s all over social media as a ‘thing’ now. I used Etsy as my main area of curiosity. 494 more words

My Experiences

Discovering Our New Area

While were settling in as well as enjoying our new area, we were lucky that we had few months to do so during our summer holidays. 789 more words

My Experiences