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7 kali

Tahun ini kota Melbourne sekali lagi terpilih menjadi kota paling layak huni sedunia menurut sebuah lembaga survey. Dengan terpilihnya Melbourne kali ini membuat kota ini 7 kali berturut-turut terpilih sebagai kota paling layak huni  sejak 2011 seperti yang diberitakan di  288 more words


Jack, Jack Kerouac

Jack was our chihuahua rat-terrier. He was so old his back arched like a question mark. He was blind and almost entirely deaf. We didn’t want to put him to sleep, because despite all of that, he was a walking garbage disposal who loved to eat and trot aimlessly around the house. 730 more words

Ramblings & Reverie

Friday Rambles: My Brother

Next week, my brother is turning another year older.  It just doesn’t feel that long ago that we were kids.  I remember going to his karate classes and events, secretly taping him singing in the shower, and all the long road trips for the holidays.   234 more words

My Family

The Robbie Report

Okay, we’re back from the vet and I want to thank all of you who’ve prayed for Robbie, and thank the Lord Our God for hearing our prayers, and granting them. 54 more words

Our Summer Bubble

In my part of the world, children started back to school this week, their summer coming to an end.  The pool shut down, the town quieted down during the day, and routines resumed.  598 more words


Happy Hiatus! On the Ebb and Flow of Change


Um, do I have anything in my teeth? Bahaaaaaa!!

For years, I’ve been taking photos of myself with chunks of chocolate in my teeth. 2,234 more words

On Writing

This is your Birth Day

Hari ini….

17 Agustus 2017

Di temani gerimis hujan mengikuti upacara Hut RI ke-72 di lokasi kerja…

Air matapun menetes tak terhankan…

Aku tak hanya merayakan hut Negeri ku Indonesia… 83 more words