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Stocking Stuffer Stumper...Solved?

For the most part, I have a lot of my Christmas on a schedule.  I’m very thankful for that schedule this year especially because of my lack of energy and brainpower during this part of my pregnancy.  856 more words

My Family

So I spent November

So I spent November
aiding sick people,
I know them well – my children

Of course it started with
preparations for the holiday
then a visit from my Eldest Surly Reverie… 356 more words

It Came Out Of My Head

Blowing up the Milo tin !

What?  What has that got to do with history?  Well a lot more than you think but you’ll have to be patient.  I have to set the scene, explain the background, then we’ll get to the blowing up bit.  1,498 more words


'Tis the season!

This past weekend Mr Esther and I and two friends of ours, whom we had gone to college with, went on our yearly Christmas market trip to Germany. 366 more words

Real Life

Merry Christmas

A Truly Merry Christmas…..Said by an Al-Anon member just before Christmas: “Someone should find Norman Rockwell’s body and put a stake through his heart.” My Christmas will not be what Rockwell says it should be. 614 more words

My Family

Christmas Kick-off With My Parents

This past weekend, I got to spend time with my parents for Christmas.  They live in Georgia, far away from here in Dallas, TX, so it’s always a treat to get to spend some time with them.    413 more words

My Family