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My first and only love(The 1) part 1

Ok this is it the moment of truth. This will most likely be a few parts. It was a major part of my life almost 12 years. 473 more words

Life Story

A Humorous Exchange

So my wife’s new bra was too tight and she wanted to stretch it. She turned to me–without first explaining the situation–and asked, “Would you please wear my bra?” 38 more words

Just For Fun

My Nephew

My nephews name is Dillon Bland. He is 8 years old. He is in love with making box forts and watching you tube videos on how to make them at home and even in stores. 122 more words

My Family

DFS: Week 28 Update and Another Milestone

After this week, it will all be unknown territory for me.  I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far, and I’m anxiously (and cautiously) anticipating the road ahead.

My Family

Off to the Vet's...

Well, now I’ve got to catch Robbie so I can take her to the vet. Just for a checkup, see how her thyroid numbers are–everything, I expect, should be all right. 50 more words

Happy Chinese New Year Day 5

Hubs had to go out of town today and had to leave earlier so he didn’t sleep with us because his alarm would definitely wake us up. 643 more words

Made With Love

The Day I Met My Step Daughter

I remember the feeling when Ian told me I could meet Chessa for the first time. Privilege. I felt like I had won an award, passed a threshold of trust. 633 more words

My Family