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11 Reasons You Should Stop Watching Television Now

Give this article a read I found on LifeHack by Craig Dewe:

Few people realize the number of issues that television causes in our life.

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Ceta G reblogged this on thiscrazycraftlife and commented:

"It's time to stop watching television and start living instead". WOW. I simply love this. It truly resonates with me and my family. I have a child who is addicted to Disney, and I despise it. I never believed Disney was passing along positive messages to my child. It is more about status and making fun of other children. This article is the reason I would love to get rid of TV in my household for good. It is going to be a struggle. If anyone has any ideas. Please let me know.

Forest School

The highs and lows of Forest School with my daughter’s class…


Jak and Ellie's Wedding

Jak and Ellie’s wedding was a golden September day, celebrated at the Ferryboat Inn in the little Cornish village of Helford Passage.  We rented one of the old Coastguard Cottages. 536 more words

My Family

Wedding bunting

Earlier this year we heard the lovely news that Jak and Ellie were going to get married this autumn.  How exciting!  What could we contribute (other than the usual parental support)?  676 more words


Music Monday: David Paul Sherman

I want to introduce my Cousin David. David, his brother and mon/dad lived next door to my family till we were all grown. It was great having 2 extra brothers, even though they teased my sister and me to death. 204 more words


His Song Has Changed

Amala Ziven Prokyon


July 21st, 2002 – October 3rd, 2015

I ask that people give me space for a while. My world as I’ve known it for thirteen years (indeed, for over 35 years, as this is the first morning I have awoken in all that time without a Saluki in my arms) is gone. 15 more words

Creature Thoughts