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MFW Adventures: War of 1812, Star Spangled Banner & Lewis and Clark

We studied the War of 1812 last year during cycle 3 of Classical Conversations. The minute the boys saw our topic of study they launched into the corresponding song, “The war of 1812, gave confidence to the US to write the Monroe doctrine…” 613 more words

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THREE Weeks...

…I can’t believe that it’s been that long since my last post!

We have some exciting news:

Brendan has his first job :) !

He started on November 5th and… 210 more words

MFW Adventures: Wilderness Road & Wild Boys

Wilderness Road! Wilderness Road!

This curriculum is just too much fun.

We started unit 17 with a long walk through our local grassland preserve to celebrate our “Wilderness Road Day” Celebration. 714 more words

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MFW - Week 3

We did school for 5 days this week instead of just 4 because Cory had to go in to work on Monday. This week is a little lacking in spectacular ideas or projects. 227 more words


MFW - Week 2

This week felt a little light. I don’t know if it’s because we aren’t doing the Bible portion of the curriculum, or if it is just starting out gradually, but it worked well for us because we had a couple of sick days! 331 more words


Home field advantage


Home field advantage

Ions ago, when I played sports, home field advantage was always a big thing. In fact, I can’t think of a situation where it was not a huge advantage to play the game on our home court or field. 336 more words

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MFW - Week 1

Our first week in our new curriculum went much better than I had hoped for! The day before we started, I took several hours off from regular household chores to get everything organized, laminated, and set up. 346 more words