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Reaction Clip | Koshi Brown Rice Milk

A short but adorable reaction clip for Koshi Brown Rice Milk

  • Agency: Markus Agency
  • Production time: 2 weeks
  • Role: Co-scriptwriter / Co-director
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Passing On | Promotional Clip

A spec ads clip that promoted the Biti’s Hunter Shoes Brand through a touching story between a father and his daughter.

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WAHFY | 3-Episode Yearbook Film

A yearbook film made as a present for my upperclassmen.

Three of many characters through out the three episodes of the film

My Films

Silence | Short Horror Film

My first short film ever. The story took place when a young girl moved into a new apartment with many suspicious incidents happening.

My Films

Jonathan Slocumb On Why It's Not Hard For Him To Keep Comedy Clean [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Comedian Jonathan Slocumb chatted with Erica Campbell & GRIFF about being a “gospel comedian,” and why that is a little different than “Christian comedians.” He explains how he carved his career out after doing Def Jam comedy, and having to depart from that brand eventually. 183 more words

Get Up!

A Midnight Montage - Abhimanyu's short film

Night has always been a fascination to me. The most passionate and deepest feelings find their expression only in the silence and darkness of nights. While dreams and nightmares engulf the ones who are asleep, love and loneliness engulf the ones who are awake. 98 more words


The Metal Force - Abhimanyu's short film

On an average, about 2 soldiers die each day. And with terrorism spreading through the globe like never before, that average is likely to go higher. 252 more words