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Commercial Video | La Décennie

A trailer for yearly prom for students at
Foreign Trade University’s Advanced Program

CLIENT: Foreign Trade University’s Students

Another version of the trailer with softer color grading

My Films

BLOCKED - The Short (Short) Film

Have you ever had Writer’s Block?

BLOCKED is a class project from my first semester at the Huston Film School, National University of Ireland Galway. 104 more words


Commercial Video | Sữa Gạo Lứt Koshi

A short but adorable reaction clip for Koshi Brown Rice Milk

Agency: Markus

CLIENT: Koshi Brown Rice Milk

LAUNCH: 2017
SERVICES: Commercial Video (Reaction Clip)

My Films

Commercial Video | Biti's Hunter

A spec ads clip that promoted the Biti’s Hunter Shoes Brand through a inspirting story between a father and his daughter

CLIENT: Biti’s Hunter

LAUNCH: 14 more words

My Films

3-Episode Yearbook Film: WAHFY

A yearbook film made as a present for my upperclassmen

CLIENT: Foreign Trade University’s Students

LAUNCH: 2017
SERVICES: Short Film

Check out the Facebook Page for the film… 15 more words

My Films

Short Horror Film: SILENCE

My first short film ever. The story took place when a young girl moved into a new apartment with many suspicious incidents happening

Awards: Best Film Editing in Camera Rolling Film Contest 2017… 29 more words

My Films