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SHORT FILM: Extract from "A Portrait of the Artist"

Later this week I’ll post the essay this piece was a companion piece to. For the moment, here is an adaptation of a segment of James Joyce’s… 186 more words


ART: Mind Journey

As seen in Quantum I had been experimenting with adding my paintings into my film projects. This is an example of the opposite.

After a residential art trip to the Greek island of Aegina we were asked to create a piece is reaction to our experiences for Elika Vlachaki’s… 220 more words


In the Future, There will be Robots (2016)

An elderly millennial loses the plot with a technological vision of the future.

Written and directed by Daryl Devine.

Starring Sam McKay, Katie Power and Laura Caban.

Shot in Cumbernauld, Glasgow.


A Conversation with my Addiction (2016)

Written and Directed by Daryl Devine.

A man is trapped in his bathroom until he can overcome an addiction. But, the addiction fights back.

Starring James Penders.

Music by David Firth.


In the Name of Revenge (2015)

A good man has been murdered. His partner in the force survives, but his widow suspects foul play. Can she uncover the terrible truth or will she fall to the same fate? 17 more words


The Phantom Egotist (2015)

Written and Directed by Daryl Devine.

A pair of spirits band together for a house haunting, but a power struggle arises which threatens to destroy them all.


The Last Debate of Scotland (2014)

Written, directed and presented by Daryl Devine.

As the vote for Scottish Independence drew near, one young Scot with chilling hair gave his account of the final televised debate, featuring a few scenes you may not remember…