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Ben Shaw, A Retained Fire Fighter, People to People...

The final and finished video. I am very pleased with it and think it is professional. I am pleased with how my team worked together and I feel I have developed throughout the project. 14 more words


Driven, A Remix using Popcorn Maker...

A short remix of a car documentary where I added Attenborough voice over after to try and make a change but slightly funny different narrative. Used Popcorn maker to create the video, I don’t like Popcorn maker very much due to its layout but it does have a few benefits such as being easy and simple to get videos and pictures of the internet into your project. 12 more words


Web 2.0 Storytelling, Hansel and Gretel in the Modern World...

Short take of the story of Hansel and Gretel, told in the modern world using modern day technology, like Facebook and email.


Distortion or Contortion

I’ve just finished editing the 10 short film pieces I shot at the end of last year with a professional contortionist. When I watched them again today I realised I’d ended up distorting the images a lot more that I’d initially planned. 209 more words


Inspirational Movie Mash up

I made this little video myself, let me know what you think.
Queen Elizabeth I
Forever Strong
the Blindside 8 more words


The Italian Job 6 seconds, Vine a Trans Media Narrative...

A short vine based on 1969 The Italian Job. Made in simple stop motion form.

This video can also be found on the  Vine app on my account. 6 more words