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This one is actually related to reading, though. I’m done with book #49 of 2015 and it was relevant and uplifting and I enjoyed it a lot. 416 more words


My (personal) First New York.

The following piece was inspired by New York Magazine’s My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City – one of my favourite and most treasured paperbacks to date. 1,210 more words

Thoughts And Opinions.

Book Review: 'My First New York' by the editors of New York Magazine (2013)

Now I am putting up this review quite a lot later after having read the book. At approximately 2 and half months later, my memory will be deprived, but although lacking in details, I still remember how it made me feel. 149 more words

My First New York

In the last few months, Russell and I hosted New York visitors for 5 straight weeks. It was like everyone from California wanted to squeeze in their visit before the winter really hits. 319 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

wanted: a coffee-table book or two

I have this funny dream that when I move in with CH (in a month!), we’ll have a coffee-table with a handful of super-awesome books and on Saturdays I’ll curl up with a cup of coffee and actually read them. 34 more words

but it’s sooo fun!

All About Eve (1950).
“As fun and Margo Channing as it might seem to be drunk and witty and cutting, it’s probably better in the long run to be kind.” 7 more words


1981 = west village – smartphones.

West Village Garage. kevinmccauley
“London was all jigsaw jungles and roundabouts and confusion. New York’s geography is direct and enabling; it helps people meet and get things done. 24 more words