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My inspiration , My SON !!!!

Over the years I have had a lot of people come and go in my life , but after all this time I have come to the conclusion that my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me , after all that’s been said and done my eighteen year old is the best , besides working , going to school , and having a girlfriend he still has time to say nice things to his family and friends , I see great things in his future , and I hope I’m around to guide him , looking around I don’t see anyone that can help him prosper the way I can , I pray that god watches over him , and that good luck comes his way , I will give him everything I possibly can , everyday , till the day I die , I love him more than life itself , god bless him forever ..


My Cat Tiki

Please allow me to introduce you to my cat, Tiki. She is an absolute delight and a God-send. I had discovered her in a pet store. 988 more words

A God-send

My Twin 

My bestie was born today, a whole bunch of years ago that she prolly wouldn’t appreciate me sharing, so you’re going to have to wonder how old she really is for ever and ever. 727 more words

Is it time we showed Chris Brown A Lot Of Love?

So far in his career, Chris Brown has released a mammoth 8 studio albums, 5 mixtapes, and 106 singles. And, amazingly, he’s still only 27. 381 more words

The Monarch's Last Flight

Photo by Donald Lindsey (September 2015)

Does anyone not appreciate a spectacular butterfly? I have been unsettled by the lack of monarch butterflies this late summer in my gardens. 277 more words


The Advantages of Friendship (Mittanisamsa)

These are from meththanisansa suthraya and these ten gathas (stanzas) recounting the beneficial effects of Friendship.

1. He who maintains genuine friendship (who is not treacherous towards friends) will, whenever he goes far out of his home, receive abundance of hospitality. 238 more words