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Kumpul Bareng Mereka

Bahagia itu saat kita bisa meluangkan waktu bareng sahabat tanpa banyak alasan.. betul???
Uhmm.. Cinta adalah bagian dari persahabatan, jadi bukan hanya orang-orang yang pacaran doang yang saling mencintai, tetapi persahabatan juga bisa kok saling mencintai.. 31 more words

My Friend

The First Time

The first time you told me

I didn’t know what to think

“How could this be?

Someone so bright and beautiful?

How could anyone try to break this? 225 more words


With my friend..

Hidup tanpa Cobaan itu mustahil.
Kami tau ujianmu sangat berat, tapi kami yakin kami bisa menghadapinya! Dengan kerja keras dan doa kami akan berusaha tanpa mengenal lelah. 169 more words

My Friend

My Friends Of SMK

Muhammedc syahrir cuek orangnya,tapi baik and kayanya ze pekerja keras, mau tau tentang dya, klik foto dibawah ini.

Sefty Wulandari Baik orangnya,cantik,and imut. Kalau mau tau tentang dia klik Foto dibawah ini. 207 more words

My Friend

She carries herself
With her head held high
Fuck the world she says
She knows exactly who she is.

She doesn’t need a man
To complete her life… 235 more words

My inspiration , My SON !!!!

Over the years I have had a lot of people come and go in my life , but after all this time I have come to the conclusion that my son is the best thing that has ever happened to me , after all that’s been said and done my eighteen year old is the best , besides working , going to school , and having a girlfriend he still has time to say nice things to his family and friends , I see great things in his future , and I hope I’m around to guide him , looking around I don’t see anyone that can help him prosper the way I can , I pray that god watches over him , and that good luck comes his way , I will give him everything I possibly can , everyday , till the day I die , I love him more than life itself , god bless him forever ..


My Cat Tiki

Please allow me to introduce you to my cat, Tiki. She is an absolute delight and a God-send. I had discovered her in a pet store. 988 more words

A God-send