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My Cat Bestfriend

We moved to our new house when I was 4 and it was really a big difference that it came to a point that I had a culture shock from where we lived before to where we live now. 1,085 more words


The Lord’s My Shepherd—For Sure?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Lord’s My Shepherd—For Sure?

Those words from the hymn printed in the Scottish Psalter move me deeply. 420 more words

I think we created a monster

What kind of monster you might ask?

Well, a go karting monster.

This week, I attended a function with my friend*. Go karting was the order of the day, but I am the first to admit, I was really hesitant in racing, because I know myself when it comes to mechanics. 673 more words

Kat's Everyday Happenings

Tuesday Poem, Thursday reblog: 'The Meadow' by Elizabeth Randolph

The Meadow

We are looking for that meadow —
How will we know it?

It’s…golden. Have you been here before?
The light on it it glows… 386 more words

Other People's Stuff

Passports,Justin Bieber and my friend Gabriel

There was a time in the not too distant past when you didn’t need a passport to get into the USA from Canada, back when your drivers licence or birth certificate was more than enough, man I used to be in the USA every other weekend , my friends and I would load up the car and head across the border simply to have coffee in Billings Montana, sometimes Butte if we wanted a change of pace. 992 more words


My Friend

Let live and love, the pain let it come later
It is not your burden now but his
Who resides in the future in possibly this path or the other