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MY FRIEND: Chelsea

Chelsea Swain

Empath. Intellectual. House-Mate. Adventure Expert. Mischief Encourager. Photoshop Wiz. Clap-Back Queen. Pesto Pasta Enthusiast.

What do you do for work and study?
CH: I do last minute rush, trying to get things together. 1,595 more words

'My Friend, Awaiting Your Historic Visit': Israel's Netanyahu To PM Modi

Signalling the bonding between the two leaders due to meet in a few months, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “friend” whose “historic visit” was being ‘eagerly’ awaited by the Israeli people. 343 more words

April 2017

Sound Blaster...

Looks like my tried and true sound card might be meeting its end….Noooooo I don’t want you to go. I have a surround sound system connected to the computer and I will miss you so much. 78 more words


My Friend: MEG

Meg Hyeronimus.

 Dear friend. Golden. Joyous. Absolute goof. Open heart. Sweaty palms. Truly Heavenly. A source for my own artistic inspiration. Makes my creative soul sing.  1,233 more words

My Friend

Where happiness resides happily!

Meadows begun to dance with the wind

Air chuckled and the birds crooned

Naughtiness that melted us down to happiness

Innocence that overflowed like childhood… 43 more words

My Friend

I can’t give solutions to all your life’s problems, doubts, or fears.

But I can listen to you, and together we can search for answers. 199 more words