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She surprised me!

Some friends are really unique! There are such a blessing and gift from Allah.

That day she called me and asked me to visit her right away, I said ok and when I was in my way to our door putting on my Abaya, I was surprised when the doorbell rang, she was there visiting me with her hands hid behind her back. 170 more words


My Friend Kelly+Update

My friend Kelly is a doll. We lived next door to each other this past semester and with help from the universe became friends. Kelly was a transfer student and want to join the fashion club I am president of. 219 more words

My Friend Meg+My Gem

Out of all my friends Meg is the free spirit. We all are, but Meg is different. Meg has long brown hair, huge eyes full of excitement and endless adventures. 123 more words

Lessons Learned from Selling: By, Dan Galante

Every once in a while, a young professional strikes me with their talent and promise. And so I follow their career to watch success develop. Dan Galante is one of these. 243 more words

Face Page

The Warm Delusions of Sleep Deprivation

Bring me some warmth my friend,

the kind I understand and need.

Show me some peace my friend,

for I can no longer run.

Hold dear my life oh friend, 17 more words

Dark Thoughts