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Daddy's Little Girl

My dad, Abraham Garcia, was a great dad. I remember, as a child, he would always tuck me in and tell me he loved me before I went to sleep every night. 375 more words


My Friend Joe


It was so many years ago
I once had a friend named Joe
Listen to the words of the king
who loves his mighty Queen… 154 more words


Pure Coincidence

When I titled a previous entry “Forever”, I did not intend to follow-up on the theme.  The word ‘forever’ can be used to signify permanence (e.g. 171 more words

My little sister .

“I don’t call her my cousin cause there’s a time when I considered as my sister. Those beautiful time has come and I’m still here, waiting for it to come back and so do my little sister.” 327 more words


Bring Hope, Bring Relief

Sara Watkins performed “My Friend” live on the air at WNRN’s studio in Charlottesville, VA. In a separate interview, Watkins explained that when she wrote the song, it was intended as a prayer for a friend in need. 121 more words


If you feel at home in Egypt’s “clime,”

Happy to give it your energy and time,

Not minding its sin, yes, and slime;

Then you’re a poor, lost sinner, My Friend. 93 more words



There’s a steel behind those gentle eyes
Stretching out far and wide
Across the sands
Across the plains
Far upon the mountain rise
Filled with all the ocean’s power… 50 more words