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Chapter 7 - Starmen

Joseph Onabule was born in a remote region of Africa, formerly known as Nigeria, in 2868 towards the end of The Great Decline. The youngest of five children he was a remarkable child who’s piercing eyes and unusually dark skin was over-shadowed by his truly formidable intellect. 2,129 more words

The Story

Sunshine, on a cloudy day

Today started off a bit cloudy, and then proceeded to become more and more overcast as the morning unfolded. As I drove north from Daglan into St. 244 more words

Life In Southwest France

One Painting at a Time

“My Funny Valentine”
The Colors of Jazz Collection
© 2020 Molly Larson Cook
28 x 22, Acrylic on Canvas

The waiting game continues.  And so do the articles appearing daily about changing the ways to market our art.  574 more words


My Funny Feline Valentine

Curious about the origin of Valentine’s Day, I did a little research and learned that according to ancient legend, initially Valentine’s Day was a spin-off of a Roman fertility festival that was celebrated in February known as “ 309 more words

My Funny Valentine's Day Story

She Said:

True story ya’ll. So this is the back story for the nosy folks! You can skip to the Valentine’s day section if you just want to giggle. 1,160 more words

Single Chronicles

My Belated Valentine

I intended to post this yesterday but, well, life. Some unexpected things popped up, causing yesterday’s intended post to become today’s actual post. (A day late and a dozen roses short.) 373 more words


Người Tôi Yêu


Nhạc: Richard Rodgers
Lời: Lorenz Hart
Lời Việt: Nguyễn Thảo
Trình bày: Ngô Nhật Trường
Hòa âm & phối khí: Lê Vũ
Ghi âm: Hiệp Định Studio
Final mix: LeVuMusic Studio
Photo & graphics: MarcMarc… 584 more words