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The Bite Is Worse Than The Bark

Beneath the skin
Teeth on neck
Pulse throbbing under tongue
Purple blue tattoo
A mark, a claim
Infection of the blood
It spreads
Fingers to toes… 101 more words


Confession time..

Okay guys, here goes.
Some of you may have known me my whole life. Others may have only just met me, and still others may only be reading this post and don’t know me at all. 760 more words


“My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”

The very Son of God!  So close in unity!

Why did The Lord let Him suffer so? 129 more words


Coming up!

Helloooooo! I am hoping to have a tutorial posted by tomorrow and I am really excited! I am also hoping to do a hair accessories haul soon when I get something I have been waiting for in the mail (can you guess?). 31 more words

God of everything

My God is a God of everything,he created and rules the world.For by Him all things were created Col 1 vs 16,the air that I breathe,the water I drink,the ground I walk on .The friends that i have,the family that you gave me,the food that i eat,God i thank you. 41 more words



Okay, so I got back my Business Communication paper today. And I got an A. But my teacher say no one in my class got an A, however there are 4 people who got an A, and I am one of them. 243 more words


That is all the words I have. God. Thank you for being my wonderful God. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for saving each and every one of us who calls on your name for salvation, life, and life so abundant. 11 more words