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#BlackLivesMatter: aqurianqueen

Never forget the sacrifices that were made! The lives that were lost! And because of the strength, faith, and undeniable will to overcome racism! As Black people we have come a long way, but the fight ain’t over! 66 more words


In Memory of My Grandmother Geraldine and Dear Grandfather

My Beloved grandmother passed in late October. She was such a beautiful and righteous woman in every way; there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. 23 more words


4024.my emotional motor amnesia

to release your hand from such constants,
this love is muscle memory.

3974.the time after breakfast

tired is what you see
when your heart is classified as great.

Metamorphosis of Matronly Mean Girls

As I’ve told here before, on Tuesdays I ride down to Clinton to visit my sole remaining grandparent, Mama’s mama, my Granny Ima. When I arrive, the residents of Granny’s wing are in a rough circle overlooking the activity room. 970 more words

My Opinion Of Something

My July 4th Memory - "The Rick Camp" Game

Independence Day isn’t grilling burgers or franks, shooting off loads of fireworks, or fun in the Sun on the water; it’s baseball. One game in particular recalls everything which makes baseball the greatest of games — a game where anything can happen on any given pitch and any player from any position can change the history of the game. 525 more words

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Papa's Day plus 70 years

Today more than any day of the year, I think of Papa Wham. More than his birthday (July 7), more than Christmas or Thanksgiving, more than Father’s Day, more than the anniversary of his passing (July 17), the anniversary of the D-Day invasion is my memory of Papa. 933 more words

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