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One shocking discovery about natural hair

I can not believe I’m writing this ”Baking soda is a no no for my hair”.

A year ago, after I learnt about the toxic ingredients used in most commercial shampoos and their adverse effect on the natural hair. 395 more words

Baking Soda

length update

Here’s the latest pic of my hair.

After taking this photo, I realized that there’s not enough contrast to see the ends very well.  So I took another one wearing a white robe. 149 more words

My Hair Journey

post-pregnancy update

As far as my hair is concerned, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that I’ve allowed myself to settle into the terrible damaging habit of wearing the same hair style every day (and even at night).  245 more words

My Hair Journey

baby loves my hair

I had my hair in 2 braids.  He grabbed them while I was leaning over him talking to him.  He was trying to eat the braids and the curly ends were tickling his face. :)

My Hair Journey

quick update

Just looked at my blog and thought, “Wow!  Has it really been that long?”  I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so yeah…. it’s been that long.  206 more words

My Hair Journey

new photo

Took a preggie pic today.  Thought I’d share it since it shows my hair pretty well too.  Hennaed and flat ironed 4 days ago.

I admit, I’ve been extremely lax in my hair care since I got pregnant.  201 more words

My Hair Journey

my current favorite style

My new favorite way to wear my hair lately has been a high messy bun with a big flower toward the front.  I normally wear a flower toward the back or near my ear, so this is different for me.  14 more words

My Hair Journey