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#SwissCakeRollsAndMarriage - October 7, 2015

I’ve been told (more times than I can count) that I “married well”. Our closest friends (ok…and my family) might have even mentioned that Tom is definitely the “better half” in our marriage. 591 more words


Purple Hair, Don't Care

I don’t even remember what color my hair was when I met my husband 15 years ago.

Maybe blonde with chestnut lowlights. Maybe chocolate with a layer of blonde underneath. 414 more words


Five Saturdays Left

Five. Just five Saturdays until Jonathan is done with his weekly MBA classes.

Two. Just two more week+ trips until Jonathan is done with his MBA… 313 more words


In love!

I just felt like creating a blog from my new laptop.  No other reason than that folks.

I have been wanting, begging for a Mac for a very long time.   38 more words

My Life As An Army Wife

Barre, a board, and a blonde


75 min. killer barre class at M6

5.01 mi. windy, hilly run/ 40:34 min.

Why is it that I can easily run a 1:17 10-miler without losing my breathe, but I just about die every time I take one of Michelle’s classes?!?! 595 more words

Silencing the Voice Within

All of us have an inner critic. A voice within that tells us we can’t achieve our goals, we can’t be victorious.

I spent yesterday morning silencing that voice within me that said I couldn’t finish a marathon. 716 more words


Marvelous Marriage Monday; Win a T-Shirt, Brag About Your Hubby!

Marriage between one man and one woman is under serious attack in the United States and in many parts of the world. One of my goals is to celebrate marriage here on… 356 more words

Strong Families