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Да, конеееечно.

Жизнь как тренинг. В ней заложено множество испытаний и задач, которые могут сделать нас сильнее, мудрее, счастливее. Удивительный инструмент для личного роста. Но что-то мешает нам черпать необходимые знания вокруг. 12 more words



На прошлой неделе ходили в кино.

Элла великолепно строит границы, умеет действовать бесстрашно. Для себя с удивлением открыла её имя Ella. Я об этом никогда не задумывалась. 34 more words



Isaiah to his friend: ‘Mom named Xavier’s middle name question because he asks a lot of questions.’
Me: ‘His middle name is not question. It’s CHRISTIAN.’ 10 more words

And A Mom Too...

Marriage and babies-the 7 year old perspective ;-)

Gen 2 have had a variety of conversations recently regarding adult matters such as getting married and having babies. I was even lucky enough to get an audio recording of one conversation. 335 more words

And A Mom Too...

Punishment Poll

Sweet, isn’t he?

He is what I’ll call my more challenging child when it comes to a lot of things, but specifically in regard to school behavior.   400 more words

And A Mom Too...

The Joy of Boys...

Isaiah: ‘Mom, one time I put my finger in my ear, my nose, and then my bellybutton and then I licked it.’

Both boys burst into laughter and I threw up in my mouth a little.


Time and Time Again I see Your Face Smiling Inside

My adolescent years were in the ’70s and, like anyone being nostalgic about their past, feel that the music of my youth is unparalleled by comparison to what is being written and recorded today. 303 more words

Songs About Relationship