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Father-Daughter-Daughter Dance

It was a bitter sweet night for Todd on February 20, 2015.  This was his last Father-Daughter dance with Miranda and his first one with Lindsey!


Да, конеееечно.

Жизнь как тренинг. В ней заложено множество испытаний и задач, которые могут сделать нас сильнее, мудрее, счастливее. Удивительный инструмент для личного роста. Но что-то мешает нам черпать необходимые знания вокруг. 11 more words



На прошлой неделе ходили в кино.

Элла великолепно строит границы, умеет действовать бесстрашно. Для себя с удивлением открыла её имя Ella. Я об этом никогда не задумывалась. 34 more words



Isaiah to his friend: ‘Mom named Xavier’s middle name question because he asks a lot of questions.’
Me: ‘His middle name is not question. It’s CHRISTIAN.’ 10 more words

And A Mom Too...

Marriage and babies-the 7 year old perspective ;-)

Gen 2 have had a variety of conversations recently regarding adult matters such as getting married and having babies. I was even lucky enough to get an audio recording of one conversation. 335 more words

And A Mom Too...

Punishment Poll

Sweet, isn’t he?

He is what I’ll call my more challenging child when it comes to a lot of things, but specifically in regard to school behavior.   400 more words

And A Mom Too...

The Joy of Boys...

Isaiah: ‘Mom, one time I put my finger in my ear, my nose, and then my bellybutton and then I licked it.’

Both boys burst into laughter and I threw up in my mouth a little.