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Tech Review - Camfi, Update

OK so a month or so again I wrote a review on the Camfi wi-fi adaptor my kids bought me for Christmas. Now in general I rated it pretty well, but I did note a few Cons against it…. 182 more words


Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod - Review

Another item on my christmas list was a new tripod my old Velbon was having issues, we still have the Manfrotto, but it is also having wonky leg issues and it is way too heavy. 335 more words


Nikkor 16-85mm Lens Review

Another early Christmas present was another new lens………..now I know what you are thinking, really? another new bit of glass? But it was required. Moth got one for his Birthday/Christmas and we were so impressed I kept stealing it for my camera instead of my horrible 18-200mm lens which allows every bit of dust onto the sensor. 298 more words


Women's dhb Blok Thermal Jersey and Classic Thermal Tights Review | Includes Video!

As the years have progressed dhb have upped their game. When I say upped their game, I mean upped their game A LOT. Their kit has become the ‘swish’ kit. 1,308 more words

“Ride Everything” | Time to confront the storm | Morvélo Stormshield first look

‘A jersey that is more useable than you’ll ever imagine.’ 

– Morvelo.com

I needed this in my life from the moment that Morvélo uploaded it to their site. 825 more words

First Look: Sportful Allure Soft-shell | Women's winter cycling jacket | What would I choose?

This is a beautiful jacket.

From the moment I slid it out of its wrapping I knew this was going to be a goodie. It’s a lovely thick, solid but supple, material that feels like it would be a good choice for winter. 568 more words

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