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What America Stole From Me

I thought that I had nothing to lose when I left Brazil, but I did have dear intangible things which America stole from me. I had hope and dignity. 700 more words

My Life Be Like

Doing It Well Finale

We pulled up at Drago’s and part of me was still excited from what had just happened. As I went to open the door, Quan grabbed my hand… 826 more words

My Life Be Like


Photo by Vladimir Palyanov on Unsplash

The sound of your voice sends me into a rage.

Days of seeing your face I wish I could erase. 123 more words

My Life Be Like

So he just left,
like 15 mins ago.
He has work blah blah blah…

He comes in,
uses the
Then walks to my room.

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My Life Be Like

Don't Be Tacky On Zoom

As Zoom has becomes our new classroom, it seems people have been a bit too lax. There is a level of professionalism that we must carry ourselves with — even on Zoom. 392 more words

My Life Be Like

Decolonize Your Mind

You have probably heard the expression “decolonize your mind”, and in various contexts. The way I think about this concept changes from day to day. It can be applied to so many issues because it encompasses so many facets of our society. 593 more words

My Life Be Like

Find work that you love so much it becomes your life. Among the two full time jobs and the three part time gigs make it a point to seek out creativity within your inner passion while you keep hustling.

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My Life Be Like