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I don’t know why I do these things to my self, it could be my over whelming love for anything Tolkien but I’ve bought a 1,000 piece jigsaw. 220 more words

My Day

Lazy Bum, That's What I Am

Because that’s what I am when my summer classes ended. And I think it’ll stay that way until school starts on August. Blame it on me being delayed and the new academic calendar being implemented. 594 more words


Let's Meet the Queen!

Since I’m on a vacation, a vacation that I should be spending doing or rather writing my SP Proposal and not starting to watch new TV Series, I was looking for something to watch and ETC keeps on advertising this TV Series called Reign so I checked it out. 469 more words

My Life - Diary

Itsy Bitsy Hickey

Hickey/Love Bite/Love Mark

Is it ickie or hottie?

The process where you get these is hot because it’s cause by passion. It’s a sign that your lover is soo into you that he/she can stop himself or herself from marking you. 96 more words

My Life - Diary

[L]Tội nghiệp cho L

Bị mất ngủ, bị đau đầu do mất ngủ. 201 more words

My Life Diary

Trên đời có nhiều lúc, không phải cứ muốn là được :(

Rõ ràng ta không muốn nhó, không muốn thương nhưng ta khống chế được đâu :) 16 more words

My Life Diary