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Avoiding the Unintended

I was avoiding the backyard. It was the place my pup and I had enjoyed time together, and I was still a little sensitive over… 166 more words

My Life With God

There's Time

I worked a full day then drove straight to another town where my mom lives, so I could harvest more corn. I don’t like it to go to waste. 449 more words

My Life With God

School What Ifs

What if more kids fall behind because of remote learning?

What if we have positive cases in school, and the teacher needs to quarantine?

What if my child can’t breathe well in a mask? 382 more words

My Life With God

Life Stuff

“Move in today.”

The sign caught my eye as I drove by a storage facility. I don’t know anyone who has moved into and lives in a storage facility. 223 more words

My Life With God

You Are Held

Over a dozen years ago, one of my best friends experienced an unimaginable loss. As I tried to support her and love her, I wrestled through it myself. 238 more words

My Life With God

Today's Weather

I listened to the optimistic report for the day’s weather: “The sun will be shining all day…until…sunset.”

I smiled. Yes, indeed.

I didn’t know if there would be a moment through the day when a cloud or two slipped between my location and the sun, blocking the sunshine, but even then, the sun would have been shining. 82 more words

My Life With God

None of Your Business

It’s none of your business…until it is.

The opposite is true as well: It’s your business…until it isn’t.

The problem is we get the two mixed up. 295 more words

My Life With God