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Đi làn thì có gì vui?

Nói thẳng ra là sẽ có 2 kiểu đi làm, và mình rất “may mắn” khi 2 công việc đầu tiên trong đời thuộc đủ 2 loại này… 1,060 more words

My Life

hello america

Well I just realized. I have a blog so I am posting. Today is relatively short. Read waggit’s tale. Great book does not take long to read. 13 more words

My Life

Farmhouse Holidays

In Early 2016 my panda found an old farm in an island paradise in our region. The Island had only 100 residents and some holiday-houses, when we went to see the place earlier this year, we were sold. 390 more words

My Life

Location found!

Some BIG news items for the JR Fitness blog this week!  First off however, I must apologise for the lateness of my blog; due to the bad weather we got last week, there were certain areas of the UK where the Broadband was affected by storm damage and this left me with no internet.   669 more words



Seeing my doctor tomorrow, gonna try convince them to change something up.

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Moving On

The New Cheating

I heard a report on the radio recently of the increase of men and women in relationships that are on tinder. One man called to say that he loved his girlfriend but he liked the thrill of the Chase.   1,072 more words

My Life

And breathe:

I have alway had the ability to be able to disagree about certain things. I am proud to say I am not a conformist, I can stand up in a room of people and say I don’t agree, even if they all do. 689 more words

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