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The Art of Spiritual Conversations

As we prepare to move into our new space next week, I am excited at the idea of my new office. It has been years since I have had an office to call my own. 586 more words

My Life


Hi, Hey, Hello!

So at the beginning of the year I experienced a thing I wasn’t even aware was possible to experience.

I fell in to a serious music rut. 616 more words


Dear Diary

Unang una sa lahat, ang laman nitong diary na ito ay tungkol sa mga pangyayaring nangyayari talaga sa buhay ko. ( yung totoo?)

Dear Diary, … 249 more words

“You’re a goal-driven person, but while you have the big picture in mind, every day is a struggle and a new challenge. People around you have high expectations for you, and you are often unsure if you can meet those expectations.”

Before life gets too serious..

Whenever my friends and I hang out, the conversations unfailingly gravitate toward the topic of growing up.”Hey, in a few years time our topic confirm become about BTOs, CPF, and careers.” I’m not sure about the rest of my peers, but this fact feels like a death sentence. 258 more words

My Life.

So fast

In life there are phases. For a long time everything seems to be standing still and nothing really happens – but in a split second all those standing things are racing around you. 227 more words