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It’s raining..

I had always loved the rain. Well. more like, I still am in love with the rain.. any kind of rain. I’d bathe in them countless of times and I think I’ll continue doing so even more in the future. 282 more words

My Life


“When this whole week of yours are the sadness week,what you would do?its disturbing right?Just be patient for a while because theres a rainbow after a rain right?😉so keep smile and be patient,dont let your whole day disturbed by the thing that will disappear for sure.😃”

My Life

rapping today up - August 18, 2017

Alright friends I am done blogging for the day! Tomorrow promises more good news, more chances to smile and more facts, quotes, and birthdays. So, do what you do well and send on a smile! 50 more words

My Life

Reasons you feel like shit!

Be honest. No matter how much you know yourself, how much you have advanced in spiritual part of you life or how much better you’ve become, there will come a time when you’ll feel like shit. 375 more words

Give Thanks [2017/8/14]

Thank You Jesus for all a wonderful new week.

Let us always be thankful and walk with You Jesus :D

Thank You Lord for a new day. 223 more words

My Life

I'll see you on the other side of the stars.

6 months. 184 days. 4,416 hours.

It already feels like an eternity. I don’t know how to let you go. It’s unbearable not knowing exactly where you are. 345 more words