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When you forget about a blog.

Sometimes, you may forget which page you left on a book, that why we have bookmarks. Unfortunately for me, I forgot a whole entire blog. That is like forgetting your great great great great great great great grandfather's name, very unlikely. 10 more words

My Life

Story Time: Broken Glass Ends Fun...

Hey loves!

It’s been awhile, guys. My life has been crazy busy yet slow at the same time. A lot of change is happening right now which is bittersweet, but anyway let me get into the story. 392 more words


Today, Part 1

Today, it feels like the whole world is moving, but I’m stuck here, standing still.  Unfinished paperwork and dirty laundry pile up like mountains around me, and all I do is stare, hoping by some miracle of God they will go away on their own.  41 more words


Q&A | Answering your questions

I know I took way too long to write and publish this but I’ve been packing and sorting because (*hopefully*) I’ll be moving soon. I don’t know. 683 more words

My Life

My Testimony

This is the story of how God worked in my life so that I could have the chance to accept His Son as my Lord and Savior. 1,875 more words

My Life

my Nintendo Switch

so today my Nintendo Switch showed up. yes, I got my hands on one. I only have one game for it being Splatoon 2 a game I use to play on my Wii U. 259 more words

My Life

My life has changed forever

I came home early today because of bad storms so I can stay safe. Normally I would be out there and trying to help people. But now that I am pregnant it is not about me anymore, I have to stay safe for my babies. 72 more words

My Life