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I Owe You a Making it Real Excerpt. Here Ya Go!

Yesterday I got back from a trip to Jacksonville Beach for Memorial Day and decided to check my calendar. Then holy cow it hit me: Making it Real releases in less than a week! 1,261 more words


Can I have another 3-day weekend?

Happy unofficial start of summer! It was the perfect introduction of summer this weekend – a 3 day weekend filled with family, food and pretty much perfect weather. 624 more words

My Life

“God’s timing is always perfectly synchronized with His will. Remember that, and be comforted!.” ~ Chuck Swindoll

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My Life

Too Many Topics to Put a Title

I always end up not writing everything I have to say on one post, thus ending up posting multiple blog posts in one day. Not a bad thing, but I initially planned to post just one every single day. 1,401 more words



Seperti perasaan baru buat gue. Padahal dulu gue juga pernah suka sama seseorang diam-diam. Tapi, mungkin karena selama 4 tahun gue gak pernah suka sama siapa-siapa / menjalin hubungan spesial dengan seseorang. 188 more words

My Life


“Mengetahui MENGAPA dan UNTUK APA kita hidup, jauh lebih PENTING daripada HIDUP itu sendiri.”

Motif adalah sesuatu yg penting di dalam kehidupan. Apapun yg dikerjakan dgn motif jahat, tidak pernah akan membawa hasil yg baik. 80 more words

My Life

For the Love of a Dog

When I turned 6 years old my grandma showed up at my house with an adorable puppy. She wasn’t very old. A cocker-poo named Nikki. My mom was smitten. 437 more words

My Life