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Life Update: HOLY MOLY

I was so excited when fall semester ended; that meant I got to meet my boyfriend’s wonderful family as well as go home to my own.   276 more words

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March Resolutions [something new]

So, as established earlier this year, annual resolutions both intimidate me and cause me to become very bored. Usually, the things I’m excited about on January 1 are not the things I’m excited about on March 1.   439 more words

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Parents are one of the biggest annoyances to teens everywhere. My mom and I fight about clothes constantly, she hates what I wear and she basically wants me to dress like a 70 year old woman. 408 more words

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28/2/15: heartful day

(Điểm nhấn) Đi bộ và suy nghĩ về Bư và Mai. Và đi hóng mưa phùn nửa đêm tối thứ 7 với Béo.
(Tóm tắt) Trưa giỗ ông nội, chiều đi vs anh Boy rồi mệt về nhà ngủ. 3,403 more words

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Happy Birthday

Today has always meant something to me. it’s always meant something to all of us. For the first time in 59 years, you’re missing your own party. 540 more words

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Friend Breakups

A breakup can be hard. But I have found that it’s even harder to break up with a friend. Especially your best friend. They were with you for the good times. 139 more words