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Midsummers Eve 2018!

Midsummers eve…. it’s not just the typical Midsummer celebrations for me, it is also a day (or “celebration day”) which has more meaning for me as well. 954 more words

Myku 46

Ramen Tomato
Onion Unsweet Tea Vodka
Life in Paradise

©️JR Cline

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The blood poured down the walls like rain.

I keep seeing this over and over as if a nightmare I can’t seem to wake from. 110 more words

My Life

Darkest Hour Choices!!


I wrote this in 2012, and at my own concession this will not be to everyone’s taste. However, this was written after l reached the conclusion that the end was futile. 1,141 more words

Mental Health

Pressures of motherhood.

I don’t even know where to start with this one. It can be a super touchy subject. And very taboo to some people. So I’ll just start by saying I in now way mean to offend anyone. 906 more words

Since I have already quit social media, (because of a lot of reasons), I wanna express all of my thoughts here in my blog. It’s better to post here than in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where after you post, tweet or share, you’re gonna scroll down through your feeds, consuming your time, and also thinking about how many people will like your post, or if there’s one. 159 more words

My Life

The week that's been: Shopping, Happy Vegan & Work

On Saturday i had one goal/mission for the day, that was to head into town and buy a new self tan which i wanted to try (more about that in another post!). 992 more words