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My University of Oregon Personal Statement: An Essay on Self Love

I love myself. I mean, I really, really, really love myself.

I might sound egotistical, with a largely unproportionate boastful to humble ratio. However, I will argue that becoming self-centered was the best way for me to become selfless. 459 more words


Give Thanks [2016/1/17]

Thank You Lord for another blessed day. The sun and the clouds were so beautiful today. I am thankful that the rain cleared the skies and the wind is so fresh just like a good commercial. 776 more words

My Life

PhD Life: Simple Yam and Egg Plant Dish

I have been in the PhD program for a while and I can tell you that  FOOD is really important for PhDs.

We are always on the look out for good free food. 445 more words

My Life

The Pongal that it was

I am yet to come back to the daily routine partly because my mind is fixated on the Pongal holiday weekend and how nice it was to be surrounded by the family. 773 more words

I And S


Fat, sweaty flab-man
Sits next to me on the bus.
The heck is that smell?
– Joseph Aldridge

My Life

Firing up Fortitude

This weekend made me feel as though I walked through fire.  I was struggling with coping with my triggers.  Triggers are so difficult for me to manage.   778 more words


Memorizing Extended Scripture

First Corinthians takes about 60 minutes to read aloud. It took me about 14 months to memorize the whole letter, and I’ve been spending the last several months reciting the entire letter each morning to lock it in.

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