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March 27, 2015

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having an amazing March so far! Mine started off great but then it got kind of crappy. I sprained my ankle then re-injured it cleaning my bathroom. 376 more words


This Is It.

The end. I feel so sad and weird and awkward and nostalgic and…  (I guess I should shut up).

I distinctly remember crying on my first day to school. 541 more words

My Life

Gone are the Clouds

I really hate mood swings. Like. No. Stop. Isn’t this what the medication is for? Ah well.

Okay so, update time. I didn’t get the job that I was up for, which is fine. 189 more words

My Side Of Things

Acknowledging the Ashes

Day 4 (Friday)

  • Went to work for 2 hours
  • Saw a good friend
  • Napped
  • Hung out with Mom
  • Practiced line drawings of Winnie the Pooh …
  • 416 more words

ग़ज़ल by Asrarul Haque Jeelani


हर ज़बां पे छा जाऊं  और नाम  भी न हो
ऐसा कोई  काम  करूँ  कि आम भी न हो

ज़ालिम के पंख को पूरा आसमान दे दिया
परिंदों के  पंख  को  एक शाम  भी  न  हो

इतना नशा हो मेरी  शिद्दत ए चाहत में
कि  मैक़दे में  बचा कोई  जाम भी न  हो

इतने खुदा हो गए हैं मेरे मुल्क में  जैसे
मन्दिर  में  राम  कोई  काम  भी  न  हो

माना असरार ए ग़ज़ल कोई काम का नहीं
तो  क्या  कुछ  शेर  यूँ  बेकाम  भी न  हो



Hace tiempo que quería hacer una pequeña entrada sobre esto, ya que todas tenemos nuestros básicos infalibles que por su puesto NUNCA van a faltar en nuestro bolso. 161 more words

My Life

Do You Really Have To Leave?

I’m pretty sure all of these Zayn stuffs might bother you guys who aren’t a Directioners or Zayn girls. But please let me confess how I really feel about his sudden leave right now, after I feel better and relieved from it. 891 more words

My Life