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In Defense of Bronies; Reinforcing the Gender Binary through the Dismissal of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

This rant has been developing for me, as I try to find the right way to express my compassion for Bronies. As hard as it is to be a Brony, it’s hard to even be a Brony sympathiser. 416 more words


Is it an end of an era?

The Brony fandom is an infamous case of a male fandom for a girls’ programme but never the first. Their predecessors include Minky Momo fans, Kim Possible fans and Totally Spies fans. 173 more words

Creative Mind Meets Volk

Hey guys!! Here is a late ChristX gift for my pal ! This is a pic of her OC Creative Mind meeting Volk (Pony form) 34 more words


[ART] Sailor Moon INFLUENCE on American Cartoons

Sailor Moon may not have been the first anime to have done this, but it definitely popularized the magical, wardrobe transformation scene.  As one of the most well-known anime-cartoon tropes, this scene became noteworthy as a recurring event that would appear in most every episode of shows like Sailor Moon.   481 more words

The Grapes of Wrath Ch 27-30

Hello everyone! Yay! We finished the book! I won’t celebrate like I usually do though. The ending of the book was so much like real life that it just broke me a bit. 536 more words


Hasbro, Mattel Reportedly Talking About Making One Big Toy Company To End All Others

Imagine a world where G.I. Joe marries Barbie (or Ken) and then they both drive off in their Hot Wheels car to their My Little Pony ranch — and all these products come from the same company. 172 more words

Book Worm

I thought it would be a fun idea to do spotlight OCs every now and then. I will be posting about an original character that someone submitted with a picture and background story. 217 more words

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