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Koopalings and My Little Pony

Today, I’m going to compare the main ponies and Spike the Dragon with the Koopalings.

But, for Bowser Jr., I’m gonna do a different character. 195 more words


Tristan And Joey MLP Style

Why is Joey blue? Because the only I found of him had him as skin color and one had him as green. I made him the same kind of blue that is on his shirt in Battle City. 61 more words

My Little Pony

Tree Blossom

This is my new mlp oc named Tree Blossom. I requested her and she was drawn by two different people. I combined the two designs and changed a few things. 139 more words


Hasbro Unveiling ‘My Little Pony: The Movie’ Toys During New York Toy Fair

At New York Toy Fair 2017, Hasbro will be unveiling two awesome new My Little Pony: The Movie themed toys:


Nicole Oliver talks playing Lynne Spears in Lifetime's "Britney Ever After"

“She’s a mother who loves her daughter and only wanted the best for her. Maybe she made some mistakes, but in the moment, she thought she was doing the best that she could. 1,134 more words


Request - Nocturne Medley vs Starbright

Requested by aMysticalArtist

Nocturne’s cutie mark maks me want to cry. It’s not right and it looks horrible, but I don’t want to try and fix it. 9 more words


Request - Mediating Starbright

Requested by aMysticalArtist

I’m sure if there is a stripe on the other side of his hair. That is streams of light behind the stars around to show that they are moving, but I failed at it.