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The Talk boards

Boards for the first of my second set of projects, where two characters featured on my Deviantart, Amzy and QuerySmart, have a talk about her giving him a job. 14 more words

Process Work

New My Little Pony: Vinyl Figures in September

The leaders of the Crystal Empire are here!

Princess Cadance and her husband, Prince Shining Armor, are My Little Pony royalty!

Add them to your collection to become royalty, too! 86 more words


Is there a future for superheroes?

I said elsewhere that superheroes won’t entirely go away but the genre will change so drastically that it bears so little resemblance to its beginnings. I think that’s already happening in the comics where the audience has shifted to diehard readers and it’s beginning to appeal to other audiences in decades. 256 more words

The Flash