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*U.P.A - Roleplaying!*

Hey guys, Kai, again!

So, I am working on an RP page!

I really want people to start developing relationships, it’ll be so fun!

Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I am getting progress done for my January to-do list.



*U.P.A - News Blog?*

Hey again! It’s me, Kai.

So, I was thinking about reporting news on this blog…

I think it would be fun!

I could do interviews and stuff. 22 more words


*U.P.A - The Flutter Army*

Hello again! It’s Kai!

Well guess what…

Fluttershy raided the server.

 I apologise for the petite photo, aha.

Good job cutie! Your army has taken over!



*U.P.A - The Shadowmites*

Hello everyone! Kai here!

So, I will be introducing, Shadowmites!

They are literally just plain black ponies that torment.

It will be fun for RP! 17 more words


Minty My Little Pony Custom Jump Drive

This project was borne out of frustration at the selection of cute jump drives at Frye’s. They were having a sale on decorative flash drives, but the only types available were Wolverine, … 457 more words


*U.P.A - January To-Do*

January To-Do

Yay, a to-do list! :D

  • Finish linking everything up.
  • Make beginner guide. (Complete)
  • Go advertise.
  • Update branding. (Complete)
  • Finish the Shadowmites.
  • Finish the RP page.




We are the United Pony Army.

We are still trying to find a good theme, our apologies!

*Read our beginner guide here if you feel like making a Pony Town army!* 39 more words