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How I've (desperately) gotten through the Education system with Depression: Or How I've Nearly Quit School 3,758 Times

I was searching through various bits of writing I’d done a few years ago, and found this particularly interesting passage from around two years ago- 615 more words


Megan is having a Personality Crisis

I don’t really know who I am. I don’t really know what kind of person I am. Am I funny? Am I kind? Am I clever? 269 more words


A Reassuring Letter to Me

Your life is your canvas. You can decorate it anyway you want. You can use any kind of paint. You don’t even need to use paint. 185 more words


Counselling Tuesday

I didn’t go talk to the counselor last week, she didn’t have any appointments to get me in so I was set up to go tomorrow. 764 more words

OCD Germaphobe

Tonight my friend sent me a message and ask if I would take her and her boyfriend up to the hospital so he could get his foot looked at. 1,569 more words



Talking to the counselor last week she seems to thing that not being able to concentrate on my school work and things is part of what is wrong and that the medication will help it. 725 more words



Hello – It’s been so long since I posted anything for a number of reasons but mostly because of demand avoidance (well there’s a surprise!) but also time and the fact that I couldn’t think of anything that I considered worthwhile to talk about! 2,516 more words