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Hello – It’s been so long since I posted anything for a number of reasons but mostly because of demand avoidance (well there’s a surprise!) but also time and the fact that I couldn’t think of anything that I considered worthwhile to talk about! 2,516 more words


Love yourself

I think the most important thing you can ever do is learn to be compassionate towards yourself and love yourself. It took me a while to fully be able to be kind to myself and appreciate and love who I am. 1,483 more words


"The unmaking of a paranoid schizophrenic"

I’ve just been tweeting some thoughts on the subject of the past six months of my writing poetry and prose, carried out almost therapeutically here at my two lifeworklab.uk WordPress blogs. 93 more words

Me To Yous

Diazepam Holiday...

Yes, this is a term used by my own doctor. My panic attacks and my generalised anxiety has been heightened the last few days due to changing doctors, moving, coping on my own at weekends among other things. 104 more words

My Mental Health

The uni[verse and me]

Dunno. S'times the universe seems to be telling you the only alternative is to set up a corp. Ain't gonna happen. Last time, I almost died.

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Why like art (the real good I mean)

This is between yous and me, OK?

I’ve spent the past few months rewriting myself.  My art now goes under a name I never wore before – yet it’s a name I now feel comfortable with; a name which liberates my right to be weird. 489 more words

Me To Yous

Day 4....

So I’ve been told I have funding for four weeks in this placement. Hopefully I find my own accommodation in the meantime, but at least I have something to fall back on. 106 more words

My Mental Health