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Confidence and how we perceive ourselves audio

This is a 13min audio about some difficulties I’ve had lately with my confidence.

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My Mental Health

The Value of Peer Support

Talking about my experience recently of emotional turmoil and how peer support has helped. It’s an audio blog not a video blog.

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My Mental Health

New Month Resolutions (April)

I almost decided not to do it for this month. Had a case of “can’t be bothered”, but I’m going to stick with it as it’s a reminder for me of what I want to achieve. 414 more words

My Mental Health

New Month Resolutions (for March)

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February’s resolutions

So, how did I do for February? Well pretty well looking back on the 3 goals I set myself. 315 more words

My Mental Health

Procrastination, Time Management and Priorities

Drawing by one of my all time fave Twitter friends TimmyDog

Things are not as bad as they used to be. Putting things off and only doing the things I feel like doing have ended up causing me a lot of anxiety and stress over the years. 444 more words

My Mental Health

February's x3 "new month" resolutions!

All three of these are going to be extensions of what I’ve already been doing over the last 2 weeks of January. All 3 of these were not intentional, they just each kind of happened and I like how it’s going :-) 349 more words

My Mental Health