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It is 8am, It is 2:45am.

It is 8:00am.   

You wake peacefully, feeling groggy, your eyes slowly adjust to the brightness emanating from your bedroom window. You feel tired, in need of a few more hours of shut eye. 1,840 more words


values and my mental health

This post follows on from a book review I have done today which you can read HERE

The book identified 58 values you can choose to live your life by. 572 more words

My Mental Health

My anxious mind

I’ve definitely been a bit more anxious over the past few weeks. This spell of anxiety coincides with starting a full-time job for the summer while I am away from University. 474 more words

My Mental Health

Healthy Living - Review and Action Plan

Hi all,

This is just a quick post about a brainwave I’ve had this week. Like everyone on here I imagine, I have my up’s and down’s with my mental health and there always seems to be at least one “battle” going on inside my mind, be it anxiety, low mood or just general frustration leading to distress. 358 more words

My Mental Health

Dreams of Late

Lately I have been having weird dreams again. The most annoying part is I am not remembering them clearly as I usually do so I can’t share all the details. 1,343 more words

About Me

Twitter - My experience

I signed up to Twitter on the advice of a University lecturer. They said it was a good way to access, and be alerted to the latest mental health policy and discussion. 688 more words

My Mental Health