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Week Five

Day 29

Today I’m very sad. I guess it was inevitable. After 25 years of marriage I don’t normally blink an eye when spending time apart from my significant other – but this is different. 4,373 more words

My Mental Health

The Land of Oz

One of our tasks in group therapy today was to “create three characters to live in your own ‘Land of Oz’. Give them each something to search for that YOU are searching for through your eating disorder (NOT related to weight). 407 more words

My Mental Health

Not My Best Week Ever

This past Thursday was 3 years that I lost my daddy to cancer and it wasn’t any easier than the day it happen. I don’t know why I was thinking it was Friday not Thursday and I was kind of mentally trying to prepare myself. 1,226 more words

Week four

DAY 22

Today I am afraid of recovery. I’ve been in this place before – where I’ve felt the beginnings of change and then become overwhelmed with the fear of that change and what it might herald. 3,213 more words

My Mental Health

Word therapy

As I may have mentioned once or thrice, I suck at art. And the thought of doing art therapy leaves me feeling cold and slightly nauseated. 286 more words

My Mental Health

Week Three

Day 15

I feel as though I need to start writing about all the amazing progress I’m making and how awesome I feel and how I’ve turned a corner and the future is looking rosy. 3,912 more words

My Mental Health

All The Bad Shit

Have you ever had one of those days where all the bad shit that has ever happen to you in life just won’t stop playing over and over in your head like a movie? 305 more words