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A Long Day and Night

I just woke up in a horrible funk today, feeling very depressed and down. I woke up at 9 am something and by 10 I was already thinking about starting to drink for the day. 534 more words


Why Do We Spend Money

When we don’t have it and are worried how to pay everything and when we are going to get more? It seems like the more I think about not having money the more I want to spend. 662 more words

Everything's Going To Be Alright

I am still in a funk, mood, I don’t know what you would call it. I keep thinking about all the bills and everything I owe out right now but I just like oh well it will work out. 955 more words

What I'd Give to Just RELAX.

If you suffer with anxiety, you might know what it feels like to constantly feel tense.

A simple passing thought can result in a tight chest; a small trivial task can make breathing normally difficult; new people or crowds might make you want to hide; the thought of getting something wrong makes you shake, and thinking about what  529 more words


Feeling Anxious and Overwhelmed

I have so much going on but then I have this one thing in the back of my mind I have to take care of the next week. 352 more words

My Anxiety is Good

I had notice with stopping the medication and everything going on my anxiety has been high. My little Guy has had dental work done three times in the last few months. 531 more words

My Mental Health

Need New Medication and To Talk to Someone

I am not sure what all I have and haven’t told you all because it has been so long since I was able to pot until the last few days. 2,181 more words