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María, la légèreté du Liberty !

María, est une robe toute en légèreté en Liberty avec un grand décolleté en V dans le dos. La ceinture est la pièce recyclée.

Enjoy ;)

#Porte&Profite #2015

My Models

Skoda PA-II Turtle from Takom

So this is my this weekend’s build project. I have picked up the model on Friday in my pit stop in a hobby store. I consider this vehicle one of the coolest looking WWII vehicles, though of course bit strange, but it’s up to one’s taste. 440 more words


BTR-80: Weathering - Part 3

BTR has now been sitting on my bench for quite a bit now. The more I looked at it, the more I felt it is still bit too clean, so I decided to play a bit more with washes and pigments, trying to add more depth. 54 more words


Merkava 2D – Part 6: More weathering...

I have made some slow progress with Merkava over the past few days. I played more with the washes and pigments. It’s down to details now, going through all the surface and making sure they get proper attention and nothing is missed. 48 more words


T-64BV - Part 4: Some more weathering

I was playing a bit with the washes, trying some new techniques to replicate dust and mud, it looks quite OK to me. Just a background for the pigments which will now follow. 35 more words


Le chemisier d'Estelle..

Cette semaine je vous présente le chemisier d’Estelle.. Chemisier cintré en coton blanc à petits pois noir.. Il est inspiré d’un des petits chemisier fétiche d’Estelle (mon adorable collègue). 22 more words

My Models


Another piece that got coat of primer was Achzarit.

Because this kit has quite a few clear parts – periscopes, there was additional step I took before priming. 138 more words