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AMX 30B2

Over the summer I built few models that are now ready for painting and weathering and AMX 30B2 is one of them.

Usually when I decide to build the model, it’s because I like the vehicle and its look. 348 more words


Mk A Whippet

Here is my quick build of the past week. As much as I say that I am usually not much excited by WWI subjects, this one got me again. 612 more words


T-64BV - Part 5: ...and some more weathering

After I have added some pigments I was still not happy with the look of my T-64. it still felt too clean and too flat. Then I have watched videos on Adam Wilder’s website, that I have mentioned here few days ago (see… 110 more words


Et une deuxième chemise !

Je vous présente la deuxième chemise Porte & Profite. Coton blanc, parementure rouge Bordeaux, biais écossais, boutons noir.

Bien évidemment sur mesure et la parementure a été réalisé avec des chutes de tissus.

#2015 #Porte&Profite

My Models

María, la légèreté du Liberty !

María, est une robe toute en légèreté en Liberty avec un grand décolleté en V dans le dos. La ceinture est la pièce recyclée.

Enjoy ;)

#Porte&Profite #2015

My Models

Skoda PA-II Turtle from Takom

So this is my this weekend’s build project. I have picked up the model on Friday in my pit stop in a hobby store. I consider this vehicle one of the coolest looking WWII vehicles, though of course bit strange, but it’s up to one’s taste. 440 more words


BTR-80: Weathering - Part 3

BTR has now been sitting on my bench for quite a bit now. The more I looked at it, the more I felt it is still bit too clean, so I decided to play a bit more with washes and pigments, trying to add more depth. 54 more words