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So Here's The Thing

So here’s the thing, we don’t live in a perfect world. We know that we, as humans, as individuals, are not perfect. Whoever we are, wherever we’re from, whatever our role, our title, our job, our passions, our downfalls- we are flawed. 1,269 more words

My Musings

Nō ngā wiki e whitu nei

The term is flying!

We have packed in a lot into the 5 weeks since the last post.

The kids have been creating their own timetables using the playlist to guide them. 980 more words

My Musings

Of Mainstream Media: is it dying?

Is Mainstream Media dying…. And did The New Media deal it a mortal blow?

“The Medium has compromised The Media”

A sound-bite from Takura Zhangazha whilst speaking on the role… 717 more words

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The Obsession with Apple...

Right, so growing up, I was one of those kids that didn’t have a phone until I had finished my schooling. I still remember, my exams got over on a Saturday, and Monday, my dad took me to the phone store to get me my very first mobile phone! 442 more words

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She Would Have Turned 21 Today

It’s a funny thing – one could say that you are five siblings. If one of them is absent, you won’t feel much of a difference. 1,370 more words

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Aggy Died Five Years Ago Today

Aggy died five years ago today.

Such a sweet and gentle soul who never rose to lofty heights in the sport
chosen for her

Hers was not a career of high scores, trophies and trials won… 572 more words

My Musings

Procedures for Qatar Visa Stamping in the Philippines (Version 2018)

During the course of my blogging career, I can say that we’ve been achieving our purpose of why we put up the blog in the first place: to provide information and build a community where information sharing is open and available. 854 more words