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Facebook and Teenagers

Hmmm … Before I signed up to Facebook in late 2008 I hadn’t had the Internet at home for quite a while, by choice. I believed that it took too much of my quality life time (lol – I think I was right). 340 more words

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The No Replier

The no repliers are the guys on dating apps I hate the most. They rank lower than the overly cocky guys, the ones whose first question is “how big are your tits”, the ones who seem to only be able to insult you and the ones who can’t spell. 292 more words

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Everyone kept asking me if Ani (Aniya) recognizes me yet, and I really did not know it.

I recently visited a friends place with her, Ims dropped us there on his way to office. 54 more words

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You ask.

And I give you
The question why?

Nothing is resolved
Nothing lies answered.

Only questions
~ Patrice

© Patrice Clarkson – 2016



A church should be more than just a place to go participate in some well rehearsed, denominationally approved, culturally sanctioned worship experience.

A Body of baptized, Holy Spirit gifted, obedient children of YHVH in CHRIST should be more than just a community of worshipers with a place to go hear a motivational speech, an encouraging word, a money oriented spiritualist, a prosperity minded message or an entertaining performance. 312 more words


Of weekend coffee share and versatile awards

If you were having coffee with me, I would say hello its been awhile, I have ever so missed your visits. Now I am busy playing catch up and replying to last year’s comments. 682 more words

My Musings

Theory and social media discontent

I am obviously not the first scholar to wonder about the role communication theory plays in social media. We understand digital communication changed communication from one to many; thus, theoretical models focused on linear communication are problematic. 249 more words