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Five New Things To Try

 Welcome to Five Things on Sunday post #2.

Thanks to Reads and Treats for this week’s topic…

Five New Things to Try

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has gained a lot of popularity recently. 521 more words

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Don't Procrastinate

Someone said to me recently – must be great to work from home – you don’t know how lucky you are – being able to do as you please – stop when you want etc. 1,010 more words

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Its hard to get worked up about some writing or some person who has offended your sensibilities of what you believe is right…
Its hard to get all passionate about saving the world or making major changes when your life has any or several of the things below… 574 more words

My Musings


Came across this story and l kinda believe it to be true so to the man who this happened to thank you for sharing and bring a smile to those that read it. 576 more words

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KIDS..god love em...

Just had to share this cute exchange between my son and grandson this morning.

Dad …

Yes Ben ..

Have you seen the videos of the big water balloons being dropped of peoples heads .. 66 more words

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Love, how do we define it? Can it be defined? Is love infinite?

Over the years I have had many discussions about love, and what I have found to be rather sad is that we put the love of a partner/s above any other love. 270 more words

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This morning my longest dearest most frustrating friend who can drive me crazy with her black & white world but she has a good heart but yeah she wouldn’t be at all comfy around some of my more open friends. 586 more words

My Musings