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A Cigarette in my hand!

A Cigarette in my hand,

Did I really feel like a man?

Was it a feeling so Strong,

More than the love of all I belong.. 123 more words

My Musings

The Difficult Classmate

During my first rotation, Surgery, I didn’t work with another student for the entire eight weeks. I spent a lot of time beating myself up, wondering if I was doing the right things and if I should have beenĀ doing more. 927 more words

Med School

Autumn is the Best Time of Year

I love Autumn time. Have you guessed that yet from the heading? I’m not sure why it is called ‘Fall’ in other areas of the world – a Google search job, me thinks. 556 more words

My Musings

3 ARV Crew 1995

Fifteen minutes left of slow 2/10 shift.
We were parked at the top of Church Street, Preston, windows down, doing what we did best, watching the girls queue for Tokyo Joe’s. 501 more words

Body TalkĀ 

As anyone who has ever dropped in here knows, I have always had huge problems with menstruation. This is what this post is about. It might not be for you so feel free to stop reading at this point. 191 more words

My Musings

Balance is a Choice

I did no school work – no preparation, no marking, no thinking – the entire two week school holidays. This is a first for me. I wasn’t away somewhere. 239 more words

My Musings

Being 'independent.'

Being an independent author, meaning, I have no publisher, agent, advertising manger and he like, means I spend an inordinate amount of time online. Indeed, I probably spend as much time on Facebook as I do writing my novels. 217 more words

My Musings