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Nobody can tell you how to live reality

Recently, I was with a close friend of mine and she made a comment about my life that didn’t bother me in the moment, but later on I realized how offensive it was.   180 more words


Coffee across the globe...

The one thing that I’ve had a passion for, right from when I was a tiny little kid, is coffee! I know that it’s weird to say that I have a passion towards Coffee but that’s exactly how I feel. 233 more words

My Musings


Call me ‘Crazy’, I don’t care. I am addicted to great movies.

One of my pet habits and hnobbies is seeing great movies. Movies that have deep lessons embedded within them. 282 more words

My Musings


“Children from broken homes, amount to nothing in life.”
The cliché above would only stand if you let it define you.

The above cliché was fed into my subconscious while growing up. 288 more words

My Musings

Solve for Happy

What is Happiness? Is there any Secret to happiness? Is there any logical and step-by-step approach to Understanding happiness? Is there a Problem in being happy? 347 more words

My Musings


You don’t know the love one attaches to something,anything really, until you see it radiating off their already glistened faces as they talk about it and how they will tilt their heads to your direction fully so you can have their undivided attention and how they will pause in between,lengthy pauses as they peruse through their memory to get just the right words for the description,you notice little things like maybe how they are keenly watching your expressions for the smallest changes,maybe you will nod or not or maybe your eyes will light up too.You just never know. 1,123 more words


W H A T ....

What happens when someone you care about, seems unable to be reached ???

Your heart is in anguish because you want to reach them … They seem distant – Or are really struggling themselves .. 493 more words

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