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Lipstick Women

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we associated women and how they acted by the colour of their lips? Red lips are a bold woman, she’ll say anything, do anything, and is always up for anything. 46 more words


Settling In 

I am quite peaceful within myself at the moment. If you saw me in a few moments today at work you may disagree with that statement but I mean within my core. 462 more words

My Musings

Some Dreams

© Patrice Clarkson – 2011

Some dreams are achieved.
Some dreams never see fruition.
Some dreams are dashed.
Some dreams become beautiful only in their demise.
~ Patrice

My Musings

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Affair is in the Air

This is such a scary topic and it just keeps getting scarier the older and more content you get; the more I share with the Mr, the more terrified I am to lose him. 675 more words

You're Glowing

The 8 Most Annoying Things People Say

Even the loveliest people can say bloody stupid things. After a traumatic life event, everyone feels awkward, no one knows what to say, blah blah… and so you hear some seriously irritating things – when you are probably least equipped to bite your tongue and smile politely and far more likely to seethe, boil over and potentially erupt altogether. 760 more words

You're Glowing


And so I’ve moved. I’ve de cluttered. I’ve reenergised. I still need to unpack a lot of boxes. Personalise my new space. But I love it. 132 more words

My Musings

How to Break the News of a Not-So-Happy Ending

One of the most difficult things for expecting parents whose pregnancy hasn’t ended in the way they wanted it to, from a miscarriage in the first trimester through to problems in delivery, is having to face their friends and family and share the devastating news. 724 more words

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