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My brain has been processing a great deal this week. I’ve had a massive couple of weeks. I’m really tired lol.

I started to pack my office yesterday and move my things to the English staffroom – where I started in April, 1999. 829 more words


The failure of the modern Star Treks

So I’d like a rant, of sorts, about Star Trek. Ever since J.J. rebooted this franchise, dragging it into the modern era, he set a new standard. 532 more words

My Musings

I Have To Try

I debated for many days as to whether or not I should reach out for help.  I really don’t have a choice, for I don’t have any real options.  298 more words

Rob's Ruminations

I <3 Twitter

Upon checking my email today I discovered a new blog post by crime writer Rebecca Bradley. You should definitely head on over and check out… 367 more words



Change is coming
I’m not afraid of change
I’m willing to change
I need to change
I want to change
I have to change
I’m ready to change… 193 more words

Rob's Ruminations

​​I struggle through the day I struggle through the night

My mind was once a paradise I loved to visit

It’s now a warzone where faith has now quit…

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I kept myself so busy last week so that I didn’t have to grieve or think or feel or anything beyond function. If Uncle Ian crept into my thoughts, I shut it down and found something to do. 379 more words

My Musings