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Anime you can bring home to your mother

I was just reminded that this upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day. It got me asking myself “what are some of the most wholesome, heartwarming anime you could bring home to your mom?” 160 more words


Mai Mai Miracle

(Check out my review for Sunao Katabuchi’s first feature-length animated film here: Princess Arete)

Of Sunao Katabuchi’s three animated features, his first, Princess Arete… 1,070 more words


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Anime Pins

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Asuka
    • Rei
    • Misato
  • Final Fantasy VII
    • Cloud
    • Sephiroth
  • Final Fantasy X-2
    • Paine
    • Rikku…
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What Did I Miss? (April 15th-21st)

Published Works

30 Years Later, Studio Ghibli Double Feature Stands the Test of Time – For YOMYOMF, I wrote about the commonalities that Studio Ghibli films “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Grave of the Fireflies” share, as well as the stark differences that make them the classic films they are, 30 years after they were originally released.


Redrawing Older Art

By: Staci Srebro

This week, I redrew an old drawing I posted on this blog here. Sometimes I like redrawing old art because it’s fun to see how much your art can improve even over a few months or so. 122 more words


Happy 30th Birthday Totoro! - Audio Feature (Audio Portfolio Part 2)

Close to its 30th anniversary, the classic Japanese animation My Neighbour Totoro will always leave audiences with a feeling of nostalgia for the innocence of childhood. 51 more words