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New York, NY

Some of my favorite architectural sights from NY, NY 128 more words



the temperature rose into the sixties today. that meant more than just lighter jackets and brightly colored clothing. it also meant smiles and music and energy and more leisurely-paced steps. 434 more words

My New York

"that crazy thing you do in the park"

those who are friends with me on Facebook ask me on a regular basis, “what is that crazy exercise thing you do in Washington Square Park that you’re in pictures of??” that “crazy exercise thing” is a 6:30 am HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout that I do on Monday mornings with a group of highly energetic and enthusiastic– especially for 6:30 in the morning– people from all over New York City as part of a group called The Rise. 588 more words

My New York

and it snowed, again

this winter has seemed endless. between the wind tunnels that have chapped every patch of my exposed skin and the days of wearing multiple pairs of pants, i’m ready for a little bit of warmth. 482 more words

My New York


i like to runsplore. that’s a word i made up. it’s a hybrid of the verbs run and explore. i’m currently training for a half marathon, which means that on saturdays, I go on long runs. 275 more words

My New York

homemade pesto

One of the first things New York City taught me was how important it is to make your world a bit smaller. Walking around all day amongst countless strangers can take a toll on you. 533 more words

My New York

lost and found

i intended this to be a blog about things that I’ve found and things that I find in New York, a city I now call home. 560 more words

My New York