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farewell for now

going to school in manhattan means leaving for summer. i knew that the end of the year would come, but i still wasn’t quite prepared for it. 535 more words

My New York

My New York: The Best Steak in NYC

Here’s a fun fact you might not know: I’m a huge carnivore. As much as I try to be healthy, a big part of my diet is protein. 413 more words


Quote of the Week (Happy Mother's Day!)

“I did a snake scene at a personal appearance in Hartford, Conn., and had trouble getting a girl to help. I mean, I didn’t want to get my mother for it… My mother wants me to be a priest.” 26 more words

Timothy Carey

playing tourist

my best friend megan’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. she really likes surprises. so when her mom asked what she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday, megan asked that i plan something for the two of us to do together and not tell her what i was planning. 806 more words

My New York

New York, NY

Some of my favorite architectural sights from NY, NY 125 more words



the temperature rose into the sixties today. that meant more than just lighter jackets and brightly colored clothing. it also meant smiles and music and energy and more leisurely-paced steps. 434 more words

My New York

Make My New York, Yours

Though I’m from Pennsylvania, I grew up loving and experiencing the Big Apple time and time again. It was always a 2 hour coach ride away and I took great advantage of that over the years. 775 more words