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Are You an Alpha Female? Let's Find Out

The concept of Alpha Female is different from the Alpha Male. The evolution has made us in a way that there should be at least one woman in a group that has to take charge of all social gathering and mending. 334 more words


On the Ameer Vann situation

Last Saturday, allegations surfaced against Ameer Vann of Brockhampton for being emotionally abusive towards former partners and for having a sexual relationship with a minor. He reactivated his Twitter a few hours later (all of Brockhampton are currently deactivated, presumably as part of the build-up to Puppy) and issued an apology (which wasn’t great, but far better than many of the sort we’ve seen). 1,688 more words


“The problem with this country is with the politicians, not with the people,” exclaims Sultan Aziz Abu Hasan, a clerk sitting behind the desk at a small pharmacy. 305 more words

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This is a theme that everyone, everywhere had at some point in their life wrote something about. You can find billions of articles online about abs. 422 more words

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K-Pop Bands - Introduction

You may know already – if not, this must be your first post from my site – I’m a big K-Pop fan. I talk about my favourite K-Pop groups quite often, so recently I realised I haven’t really wrote about K-Pop bands before. 964 more words

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Beranjak kelas tujuh SMP, aku mulai paham apa saja yang ingin aku capai, dan apa saja harapanku untuk beberapa tahun mendatang, sehingga aku menuliskannya di catatan kecil yang sering aku bawa kemana-mana, agar setiap membuka buku itu, aku ingat dengan cita-citaku, dan termotivasi untuk terus berusaha meraihnya. 433 more words

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A Little Bit of Housekeeping

Hello everyone!  I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post; the weeks leading up to finals were very busy and stressful, and once the semester was over I decided to give myself a little vacation from academic and intellectual pursuits.  311 more words

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