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The Poisons Of The Past

It has become evident that TOTUS holds grudges for perceived and real wrongs done to him. Many of these wrongs were the fruit of his own ineptitude and his dishonest ways. 218 more words


Cinta Memiliki Jalannya Sendiri

Setahun sudah berlalu, pertemuan kenangan dengan Gilang tak lagi terbahas, tak lagi terdengar. Dinda menjalani aktivitas hari-hari seperti biasanya, seperti awal sebelum bertemu Gilang. Dinda kini selangkah lagi menuju akhir studi yang ia jalani begitu semangat, akhir yang tidak pernah Dinda prediksi dan harus di terima dengan lapang dada meski akhirnya semangat Dinda tak lagi seperti dulu ketika angan-angan begtitu besar dan impian terasa sangat dekat karena kehadiran Gilang. 1,794 more words

My Opinion

Whose fault is underfunded NJ pensions? (And many other states)

In New Jersey, some want public workers to give up benefits to fix the state’s underfunded pension system. That’s puzzling to Governor Phil Murphy.

“It’s the state’s fault that we’ve got the deficit we have,” Murphy, 61, said in an interview Thursday after speaking at the Global Climate Summit in San Francisco. 157 more words



Think of a Piñata decorated in yellow and orange but empty inside, therein lies a brief description of TOTUS. The weight of this ill-fated administration is beginning to bear down on the White House with the conviction of Mr. 202 more words


New Season Jitters...

Every September new shows arrive in our lineup to watch and our favorites from previous seasons return. Anyone else get “New Season Jitters”?

What I mean by that is: 586 more words

Is That A Camera?

The beauty of a Ricoh GR for street photography is that you can take a picture and move on before your subject is really aware of what’s going on.