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You know it’s a special day when on a friday afternoon the IC-NLH area is 10 times less packed and the cafetaria gate of AB 1 is shut. 826 more words



My friend was saying that many of her family members voted for Trump.  She said that she doesn’t think less of them, or not like them because of this. 221 more words


My Top 10 Proverbs about Proverbs!

Life is a roller coaster ride. When everything seems to be going down, I always think good times don’t last;well so does the bad times! We all seek a little pat on the back, that one appreciation from a co-worker, that feeling of being doing something worth. 142 more words

My Opinions

[The Northeast India] Natural Resources: What Should Universities and Institutes Do?

​The North-Eastern region of India is rich in many useful natural resources. We have acres of tea gardens, dozens of oilfields and thousands of miraculous species of herbs in our vast landmass. 114 more words


Getting on My Nerves

I’ve never felt so annoyed in my twenty years of existence until now. Why can’t you understand that the reason why I don’t want to watch La La Land is because I don’t watch romance films at the cinema and not because I don’t want to go with you? 131 more words

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What we do affects everyone

So I’m sitting up at the front desk on a slow night, the other night, and it must have been getting near to closing time for the service department, 5:00 or 5:30pm, something like that.  477 more words

My Opinions

How The Internet Has Changed Our Lives

So, I must admit the obvious. As a first PROPER post on this blog, I suppose it is quite a deep topic. However, I also believe that it is becoming more and more of an important subject as time goes on. 472 more words

My Opinions