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Achhe Din Ayenge, you ought to wait

Sunday mornings are the best, the heaps of sleep that the weekend granted you make you feel so complete. I was enjoying eating omelette when my mother suggested me to watch ‘Man Ki Bat’ though, couldn’t hear the whole of it, but whatever I heard was like my dad was suggesting me ways that I could help my country in my own little ways. 414 more words

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PINK : A producer's revolution

In a recent interview of Shoojit Sircar after the release of Pink (of Piku and Vicky Donor fame, creative producer of the film) lamented at how certain studios rejected the film. 1,132 more words


I own tons of land but I am sad because my relative owns a bit more than me 

Being a Punjabi, I have often seen people measuring their richness on the basis of how much land they own. The more it is, the better yet not satisfied because they will burn their blood day in and day out, just to add on some more to their basket. 405 more words

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Confessions of a Mannequin

Two souls lost in the crowd
making love with eyes
far out in the horizon,
never leaving a moment

the other… 151 more words

My Opinions

Chemistry that can stop your food rotting.

A hotel in Reykjavík has on display a McDonald’s burger and fries, seemingly undecomposed after 2,512 days – and counting. It was bought on October 30, 2009, the day that the last McDonald’s in Iceland closed. 280 more words


Decision 2017 Not all about the Money

By Ooko Victor

15 Billion: the legally sanctioned upper limit for campaign funds for a single political party in Kenya which translates to about 0.24% of our GDP (as at 2015). 755 more words

Ooko Victor

Personal Responsibility

Warning:  This is my opinion and my opinion alone.  This has been weighing heavily on my heart due to recent events.  My opinion is not meant to reflect in any way on any fellowship of which I am a part, nor should it reflect thoughts and beliefs of any members or friends of either of those fellowships. 792 more words