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Tuesday's Thoughts: 3/19/13

My message today is about love and acceptance: Embrace my love as well as the love of others. It’s natural to be afraid of letting love in and taking a risk with your heart. 29 more words

My Opinions

Q&A: Questions about LOVE

Oh, Hi! Glad to see myself working on this new blog of mine. It has been a long weeks or days without even posting anything.. I come up myself into answering some questions about LOVE; since LOVE is the most topic all the freaking time. 707 more words

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Why I Believe in Gender Neutral Bathrooms

I do believe in “Gender Neutral” bathrooms. I also live in North Carolina, where HB2 is a highly controversial topic. First of all, let me clear up a few assumptions/ arguments you may have about me and/or bring up. 609 more words



As I say in the category, these are just my opinions. If I talk about something, I will do my best to be respectful. That’s what’s good about writing for me; I have to think about what I’m saying, then read it back and reword if I need to. 83 more words

Edward III: The Strong, Silent Type.

Edward III lacks lines in the play and that makes critics feel he lacks importance in the plot of Edward II by Christopher Marlowe, for it is traditional that readers pay attention to the characters in their face. 3,094 more words

My Opinions

FAN: Rise of an actor, fall of a producer

Our theaters have been running quite a few good films over the weeks. After somehow managing my time through this tenous semester schedule, I stepped out for some movie time. 694 more words