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My Opinions Won't Save Me

Today I was reading in Steven Lawson’s book ‘Foundations of Grace‘, the book reads like a Biblical Theology on the Doctrines of Grace. Here I am at Chapter Four, and its as if Lawson never wrote the previous three chapters, such is his energy and enthusiasm for the topic. 847 more words


Roofing companies in Montreal, the biggest SCAM.

Roofing companies in Montreal, the biggest SCAM

Drip… drip….. that is what my ceiling did this winter, knee jerk reaction called a roofing company MY ROOF IS Going to collapse! 532 more words

My Opinions

All Girls Are A Princess

Before you read this get the bad negative thoughts out of your head like: My ex girl friend doesn’t deserve to be treated like one! Or… Why treat her like a princess that’s what her dads for! 439 more words

My Opinions

Can I Get A Please With a Side of Thank You?

Since when is it alright for people to treat others so rudely?

I work at a coffee chain. However, before that, I worked for a fast food company. 604 more words


To Infinity and Beyond

“To infinity and beyond!” was Buzz Lightyear’s classic line in the 1995 Pixar, Toy Story Film and has seen a variety of usages. Several people have these iconic words tattooed on their bodies, we see these words most, all around the Happiest Place on Earth,  Disneyland, and people use the phrase personally for the extra motivation of the day! 232 more words

My Opinions