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One Step Forward

“A little goes a long way…”

Much of the land we stand upon today is stolen land. The people who were here before us, the Indigenous Nations made an agreement with the European immigrants to honour the Native land and resources as well as protecting it. 639 more words


A father's scientific and deeply heart-felt perspective on homosexuality.

What most resonated for me was feeling this man’s intense love for his son, and witnessing him express that love so whole-heartedly in public.

For many if not most straight people, we queer folk are a total mystery very foreign to their felt experience of life and love and sex. 96 more words

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General Thoughts

The books is extremely well written and has an amazing plot with equally as amazing characters. Those are just a few of the reasons why it has been my favorite book series for more years now than I really should bother to keep count of. 6 more words

My Opinions

Eragon as a character

I must admit that the main character might be enough to make or break a book series. Luckily, at least with me, Eragon is a character that the reader can easily identify with.  76 more words

My Opinions

My thoughts on the movie

It’s alright. I would have been lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it.

But, because I am a huge fan of the books, the number of important details that were cut out were enough to cause major problems with the second movie. 44 more words

My Opinions

Sword Art Online is Not the Death of Anime

Okay, at the risk of my credibility and nonexistent reputation, I’m going to come clean about something. I like Sword Art Online. In fact, scratch that, I really like it.  1,309 more words

Anime Industry

Importance of Education


So today is day 25 of my 30 day blog challenge and today’s topic is the importance of education. 

For those who have been following my blog from the beginning you will know that I don’t like to delve too much into these topics but just like to give my overall opinion and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. 388 more words