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"Let me tell you a secret, law is not a profession for girls," said he.

I still remember, it’s been an year though, but it was just ten minutes that I had landed in Punjab and Haryana High Court where I was introduced to this young lawyer not at all enthusiastic, a big critic of law, lawyers, high court and most importantly of the girls. 517 more words

My Opinions

Sunshine Blogger Award 2016

I am incredibly honored to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award. Thank you so much to Jason’s Movie Blog for nominating me. Make sure you check out his blog. 692 more words

My Opinions

Insanity in Indonesia

As I scrolled through my Facebook feed, hungry for gossip, pictures, and Buzzfeed videos my eyes fell upon a story featured in the Washington Post titled “Heart-Breaking photos show what it’s like living in insane asylums in Indonesia.” Naturally my personal passion for mental health in Asia mixed with my┬áhumanistic curiosity to gawk at train-wrecks compelled me to take a look at the article. 979 more words

Mental Illness Around The World


It’s very hard to come back from a failure. It’s not as easy as the quotes on google make it seem – “True failure is when you give up” and all that. 465 more words


how to remain calm

‘never say that people are evil, you just need to look for the pin’

Try to understand that someone else may be experiencing pain beneath the surface, and that is why they treat you in a certain way. 9 more words

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Keep Me Cool (original music)

Check out my friend Lewis’s wicked track ‘keep me cool’.

like him on facebook here. Alternatively check out his soundcloud here for more lovely tunes.

Andrew Lavis