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Kpop and Comparisons: Why Won't Fans Compare?

In the scene of Korean Pop music, there are many connections between groups and solo artists. The widespread genre and style of music and its production, Kpop, the company an artist is from, songs producers, being a group or solo artist, boy and girl groups, rap and vocal focuses, dance focus, specific music and dance styles, the list goes on. 753 more words

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My Opinion: 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why. WHAT a show. *trigger warning: suicide, self harm, sexual violence, gun violence *

(PSA: I am using asterisks for r*pe word to reduce the amount of stress it causes to the sufferers, not because it is a word to be ashamed about using) 1,625 more words

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Flirt! - Nobody Knows How To

You must have heard it before that there is a fine line between flirting and being creepy. And I completely agree with this phrase.

If you are attracted to someone, all you want is talk to that person, make a nice impression and see where you two go. 347 more words


Why I Don't Like Fandoms.

I’ve never been one to associate myself with Kpop fandoms. I’m a big enough fan to definitely say I am an ARMY, Once, Miracle, etc. but there are so many things about fandoms that make me want to avoid disclosing to others that I’m a Kpop fan because of the culture of fandoms, Korean based and International. 1,266 more words

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The Best of BTS: B(es)TS

SO being a massive BTS fan, following them since 2013, I decided it was time to make my own best of BTS list, and Spotify playlist ( 1,854 more words

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Merry E3, everyone!

It’s this magical time of year, where we gamers sit in front of our screens and get excited over games to come. So go get some popcorn and let’s get things started. 952 more words

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Bulletproof Stray Kids

JYP’s new 9 member group, debuting after starring in a reality show, Stray Kids, are making waves within the newest generation of Kpop idols and fans with their strong concept and solid debut and first comeback songs. 1,082 more words

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