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Well he now has that hole in the head !

Finally was allowed in to see Richard at 7.15 this evening. He was in the recovery suite where he will stay overnight. He looked a little battered and bruised, swollen lip etc but he still seems the same Richard. 118 more words

My Own Journey

All fine

Richard’s operation went well. I even got to see him for a minute though I don’t suppose he’ll remember. Back to see him at 6pm. More updates after that.

My Own Journey

Just another day...

Richard made a good point last night. We’ve been hanging on this operation date for the last 18 months. It’s governed where we are and when we go on holiday even to the extent of diverting phones when on a plane in case the call came through. 128 more words

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Had my 7 am wake-up call, with a couple of tablets to take, plus my normal epilepsy meds. The others were a stomach protector plus a tranquilliser. 72 more words

My Own Journey

I'm in...

They said turn up at 6, I turned up a few minutes early and now at five past I’m on the ward sitting on my assigned bed. 61 more words

My Own Journey

They were right!

June it is! Friday 22nd to be precise, a week tomorrow :-)

More news later…

UPDATE: 2045

Well, that was an exciting day! If I hadn’t received that email the other week saying I was pencilled in for June I wouldn’t have chased them up today. 154 more words

My Own Journey

Another day, another day-trip

I saw the anaesthetist this morning, and all is good. Nothing has changed, I’m still fit for a general anaesthetic, and she thinks I should get the call soon. 193 more words

My Own Journey