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My hair routine, part one

As I mentioned in my first post, my way down this natural skincare path really started with my hair. I’m still no pro and my hair is far from perfect, but comparing what it was like five years ago to what it’s like today, let’s just say you’d understand my appreciation for natural products if you’d see the before and after. 941 more words

My Own Journey

The Current Current

I’ve been able to experience the ebbing and flowing of life lately.

It’s never still, you know?  Life.  It’s continually moving.  There isn’t ever truly a point where it’s at a standstill . 512 more words

My Own Journey

Six weeks - that was a whole summer holiday when I was a kid!

Yes, last Friday was six weeks post-surgery. And when I was a child the best time of year lasted exactly that long, the school summer holiday! 313 more words

My Own Journey

Going Off The Deep End

I’m going off the deep end. I’m becoming the person I once judged from afar.



Taken over by the devil.

Yup. I’ve finally become her. 527 more words

How To Overcome Insecurity

Laugh Loudly and Often

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty positive people forget to do this waaaaaay too much.

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s momentum and GO GO GO until we just can’t GO anymore.   450 more words

My Own Journey

Do What Makes YOU Happy.

I cannot TELL you how hard this lesson is to learn.

We live in a world where so many different kinds of pressure exist that it’s a wonder we keep our sanity.   959 more words

My Own Journey

Slow progress

Everything is still going well, and I seem to be making good progress, barring the occasional hiccup. And Lucinda is bored of me being ill, she wants me to be able to go to the beach, to go out for dinner, and to be able to cook! 495 more words

My Own Journey