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My Panda Shall Fly - Light Under The Door feat. Troels Abrahamsen

Another singular from the hugely anticipated whole: My Panda Shall Fly’s Too. An album due to drop on the wonder-lust Project Mooncircle, on the 7th of next month (07/04/2015). 191 more words


My Panda Shall Fly - True feat. Deptford Goth

Time and time again I come back to this ridiculous label, swooning like a schoolboy in the presence of the pretty girls you all pretend to hate because of their cootie-baring nature but secretly fancy the pants off and want to get naked-freaky with in a confused, Freudian sense. 214 more words


Strong Asian Mothers on tha Roooof!

Strong Asian Mothers at a onesie party:

Dalston Roof Park was the host of Oxjam on Friday, where Strong Asian Mothers joined My Panda Shall Fly for some rooftop frolicking. 46 more words

That Happened

My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant – 'Opening Brace'

Every time we post a video from My Panda Shall Fly we open by mentioning how bizarrely brilliant the said video is, so consider this opening some kind of meta-comment on how we always mention how bizarrely brilliant his videos are. 106 more words


My Panda Shall Fly + Adventure Elephant - Opening Brace

Here’s the video for My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant‘s eclectic track “Opening Brace” following a fictional day in the life of Suren Seneviratne (frontman of M.P.S.F.) in a parallel world with a ‘European Art House’ cinematic approach. 16 more words


my panda shall fly- opening brace

simple in composition, the video has been filmed stylistically in more of a photography manner. still movements with little cinematic uses, yet a real strong impacting video

Matt Robertson