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My Panda Shall Fly - Light Under The Door feat. Troels Abrahamsen

Another singular from the hugely anticipated whole: My Panda Shall Fly’s Too. An album due to drop on the wonder-lust Project Mooncircle, on the 7th of next month (07/04/2015). 191 more words


My Panda Shall Fly - True feat. Deptford Goth

Time and time again I come back to this ridiculous label, swooning like a schoolboy in the presence of the pretty girls you all pretend to hate because of their cootie-baring nature but secretly fancy the pants off and want to get naked-freaky with in a confused, Freudian sense. 214 more words


Strong Asian Mothers on tha Roooof!

Strong Asian Mothers at a onesie party:

Dalston Roof Park was the host of Oxjam on Friday, where Strong Asian Mothers joined My Panda Shall Fly for some rooftop frolicking. 46 more words

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