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Hey Everyone! I Need Your Help!!

Remember how Luke just showed up with a new ferret last week?¬†Well Luke had been calling “him” a “he” ever since he brought “him” home, so I figured he’d been told that our new furry friend was a boy. 314 more words


Steely Determination.

Last night, after binge-watching several episodes of the most excellent Masterpiece Theater’s Victoria (June? Turning into a spinster before our very eyes? What?), I went to the door to call in that blight on my very existence, that gray bastard of a cat, Steely Dan. 727 more words

My Pets

About Me

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my blog. I plan on using this site as an outlet, both emotionally and creatively. I will be using it for my Influenster account, and occasionally posting product reviews. 107 more words

First Post

June has danced into the danger zone, when the dancer becomes the dance.

I know you wish I’d refer to this more often, but oh my god, I’m Ashley Wilkes right now, returning from war. I’ve limped in, all tattered and worn out and possibly lousy. 969 more words

My Pets