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Weekly Photo Challenge - Ephemeral Fading Rose

A Brief Stay                                                                  2015©photography by Isadora


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

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Weekly Photo Challenge || Ephemeral || #1

Ephemeral (ə-FEM-ər-əl) was originally a medical term with the specific meaning “lasting only one day,” as a fever or sickness (Hemera means “day” in Greek.) The word became more general, coming to mean “lasting a short time,” covering the life spans of plants or insects and then eventually anything that is fleeting or transitory. 55 more words


weekly / no. 9

drawing with charcoal for pretty much the first time and loving it.

drawing my first real portrait from a model! I think it turned out pretty good! 303 more words


Nurture Yourself - Don't make Assumptions

A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others,

is stronger than any physical force in the universe ~ Wayne Dyer ~ 320 more words


Bench Series March -Wooden - Artwork

This artistic bench is one of many at Charlotte Harbor Peace River park.

The wooden bench was painted to commemorate the establishment of

Charlotte County in 1862. 26 more words