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The Sculpture - Poem

Your DNA is sculpted

by nature…

You as an individual is

then sculpted by the nurture of

the society and the environment.

The sculpture is… 71 more words


we are

“I’m always here for you, you know that?”

“I do. It’s strange and beautiful, but I do.”

“Well, it’s mostly strange, but yeah.” 22 more words

My Poems

on the occasion of our anniversary

I bought a card for him on the occasion
of our 10-year anniversary, but never wrote in it.
A week later I found it in a folder alongside… 76 more words

My Poems

What Silences Storms?

My bliss, your diction;
My heart’s inscription,
Your Word, nix tricks and jokes not.

It cuts. It convicts.
Tastes rich, thick its sips,
Your Word to my lips burns hot. 46 more words



Thump, thump. Flash – fluid, fluid trickle.
Oh darling, how your tongue in its dead language stirs my curiosity!
Thump, thump. My heart is fleshier than it. 180 more words



I didn’t come to see you, first

I sent my shadow, to judge you

I joined you reluctantly, I didn’t

Dear you, but put up with you. 149 more words

An 'idiot'


Like a fresh autumn stream in the cool air of morn’

is our affection and intended love for each other

I see how eventually

a stream inevitably encounters stones and diverting pores of stones. 33 more words