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​I am frozen in this kingdom of ice

Break to set me free

Take off the masks in my eyes

This raging fire should cleanse my soul… 28 more words


The Punchline

My nose is bloody.

The wine that drips

Is too rich for the fist

That I can no longer see.

Maybe I said something wrong,

Maybe I said something funny.

My Poetry

Rubáiyát - Genetic Dreams Duo

Perhaps some GM bug will sterilise
Our planet. All too late we’ll realise
Genetics was a perilous open-door
Science obtained: to use in ways unwise. 58 more words

My Poetry

I wish, and wish,

and hope upon the light

For the pain to diminish,

and bring true love’s delight

I hope, and hope,

for the wounds to finally heal… 51 more words


محبت ہے کیا چیز

محبت ہے کیا چیز تم نہیں جان سکو گے

دل والوں کی باتیں ہیں انہیں کم ہی سنا کرو

My Poetry

Free Verse # 420 (something men have long forgotten)

Fervently, silently
I am writing for you,
Words etched
On tree barks
In hidden forests,
Words inked
With burning letters
On the skin of silence, 246 more words



Her blue stained fingers
Marked an old sheet of paper
Goes on forever

-Allana Alberto