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All a matter of interpretation!

I couldn’t resist posting this video.  After a long week of parenting ups and downs, trying to stay focused on the 3240 course and some differing opinions at work I needed a good laugh.

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APR-22-2012/DAY 104/ PONTE DELGADA-01


  • day 099, Apr 17, 20 North, 057 West, UTC-4, Force 3, Partly cloudy skies, Moderate seas, 29C
  • day 100, Apr 18, 23 North, 051 West, UTC-3, Force 3, Partly cloudy skies, Slight seas, 24C…
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Don't Worry, Be Happy

I never had a problem with Mondays. A fresh start to a new week in my book of life. For some reason it always seemed that Tuesdays were my grumpy and bad days. 185 more words

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  • day 096, Apr 14, 15 North, 066 West, UTC-5, Force 3, Partly cloudy skies, Slight seas, 28C
  • day 097, Apr 15, 18 North, 063 West, UTC-5, Force 6, Partly cloudy and sunny skies, Smooth water in harbour, 27C


506NM (937KM)


As The Barn Turns, Season 3, Episode 30: It's A Birthday Girl!

Pudge and the barn pals were just getting settled in their new pasture. Nemo sent Pudge a test pooter message and it was all systems go on the iBarnCloud network! 403 more words

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The future is so bright I've gotta wear shades?

During the 3240 course, I have watched a variety of videos and read many articles about the evolution of education.  There were a few concepts that really caught my attention.  343 more words

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