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Untouched by the raindrops, in my shelter, protected from the sun, and the storms, the song of the birds at the dawn, went unheard, as I stayed engaged, aloof, in this play called life, another day passes, another step forward, one more memory slides down the lane, 6 more words

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Love's Game

On 22st October, 2016, I had one of my real good friends who fell in love and formed his first-time love relationship with a girl (who apparently studied in the same class as ours). 992 more words

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The retreat

Stood at the middle of the room, under the gaze of all, the questioning eyes, the judging mind, the nods, little sympathy, condemnations, from those that do not understand me, and I closed my eyes, covered my ears, slowly walked out of the room, not to escape, not to be free, but to quiet the heart, still the mind, and jump into the abyss, where no longing has survived, no wish has found the wings, 12 more words

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Zero Waste Beginner Essentials ​

I have always been conscious of waste, pollution and being green. From the time I was in about middle school, I remember loving the chapters in science class that talked about being environmentally friendly. 1,142 more words

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aches and pains 

doors are open that were previously locked.
the way i’m feeling just isn’t familiar.

so much to say, but not sure how to say it. … 63 more words

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a 9 year old’s to do list

before she died, my mom always taught me to always make a to-do list everyday.

i just found one of those to-do lists from 2009. 46 more words

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