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It’s getting harder to breathe around you with all your toxic fumes, when what you used to be was a breath of fresh air.

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Apartheid Israel report has been removed from UN website here is your copy

MAR 18, 2017 — As the Secretary General has forced the author to resign – please forward this URL so that all can have a copy of the actual report… 168 more words

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The kitten bonds with Vinod

(This post follows ‘Getting used to the kitten’ posted on 15 Mar 2017)

While we were still getting used to the kitten, it seemed as if she was bonding with Vinod! 591 more words

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skip the drive-thru

It has been awhile since I have written. But that is not because God has been silent. In fact, He has been quite loud.

Last week at work, my boss asked me if I had any “prayer networks” to tap into. 658 more words

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আমায় দেখতে পাবে তুমি

আকাশের আলো নিভে এলে, ঝড়ের রাগ কমে এলে,
হাওয়ার ক্রোধ শান্ত হলে,

আস্তে করে চোখ খুলে দেখো,

আমায় দেখতে পাবে তুমি, ভেজা মাটির অসহায়তায়, ভাঙা ডালের বেদনায়, এই অন্ধকারের নিঃসঙ্গতায়,

ভুল করে জড়িয়ে ধরো না আমায়, ভোর হয়ে জাগতে হবে তোমায়…

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