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Compassionate Friends

I wonder when or if I read this back someday – will I find it hard to believe that denial is still so real?  I do not want to accept the truth and as crazy as that sounds – it’s a real feeling to me at this point.   287 more words

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What a great Sunday we had together

Hi – Today is Monday August 5, 2013.  Yesterday you stayed with G-Ma and me the whole day and this morning I took you to daycare.   179 more words

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Institutionalized church?

Hi there my friend, good mornin to you.

This article is just a perspective based on my thoughts and experiences, and is not intended to steer anyone into any decision whatsoever. 663 more words

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The Christian life ain't always easy

Good mornin to you my friend with Sonshine and smiles.

Recently I had a friend read one of my posts, and indicated to me that a reader could get the idea that I was saying that the Christian life is easy. 473 more words

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Art, Photography and Football oh wait and a SNOWSTORM!

Wow today was truly the calm before the storm with snow to begin soon this one just to aggravate the morning commute but then a day tobuy up all the milk and eggs at the store maybe water in case the power goes out on Sunday, when we will receive 1 to 2 FEET of SNOW! 109 more words

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Don’t leave like this

Don’t leave like this, don’t leave empty handed tonight, pick a gift, ask for a memento, persuade, convince, all for tomorrow, when your hands will be full but nothing to hold on to, tonight leave behind a memory, leave behind a part of you, as you bid goodbye, 10 more words

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