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As The Barn Turns! Season 3, Episode 26: The Snowy Snooters!

The Oscar Party was a smashing success! Pudge and all the barn pals celebrated until the following morning on the barn red carpet. Mom and Dad Potter along with Jordan and Will, doggies, ferrets and house kittahs (formerly Barn Kittahs!) swooped it up in the farmhouse too. 672 more words

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R.I.P Spock

I’m not a die hard Star Trek fan, but I do like it. I appreciated Leonard Nimoy’s talent. I knew him best from the show, Fringe, where he was something of an evil genius. 56 more words

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The West Meets the East: London Celebrates The Chinese New Year in Style

Thousands of people joined the celebrations in London to welcome the start of a New Year for the Chinese community.

The parade started in Trafalgar Square, where hand crafted floats led a procession to Shaftesbury Avenue, followed by dance, music and acrobatics to entertain the crowd. 150 more words

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The Chinese New Year Celebtations in London

Mumma ❤❤❤

I love my Mumma ! Even though she’s strict and controlling . But she’s like that because she loves us too much and never wants us to get hurt. 289 more words

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How to Get Anything You Want

This includes money, a girl/boyfriend, success, happiness, a certain event to go your way, recover extremely quickly from an injury or loss, get a good grade on a test, go to the college you want, get the grades you want, become good at any sport, lose weight, be healthier, I don’t know about bringing back someone from the dead or not having to do homework, but that’s only because I have yet to test it or hear from others their experience! 540 more words

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