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"Be Here, Be Now", A Good Rule of Driving to Remember


With the advent of mobile phones and built-in communications centers in cars, distracted driving has become more of a problem. And, I suspect it may be responsible for more accidents than we think. 309 more words

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What you have is this moment, with all its pains and pleasures,
The colors and the warmth, or the lack of them,

This shall pass to pave way, for the next, a better one , we hope, 27 more words

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We NOT They

I am so very weary of the people saying, “They caused this.” “They could have stopped this.” “They won’t fix this.” Who the hell is this ‘THEY’?? 324 more words

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A Majestic Halo

The most anticipated day of 2017, August 21, the day of the solar eclipse.
What is so captivating about the eclipse of 2017? It is definitely a once in a life time event. 444 more words

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For You

The listlessness, the wanderings, and all that leads us astray,
From the moment, from that is here, that is now, that is for us, that is within, 32 more words

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What is a Bone Graft Procedure?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you should consider restoring your teeth with dental implants. This oral health solution for missing, decayed, or damaged teeth looks and functions just like natural teeth. 389 more words

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Last night

One last touch, in the dark alley of our mind, before we call it a day, the mind is still thirsty and the soul begs for more, 10 more words

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