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Today is gonna be a real simple post. I’m just gonna post about the top 5 most unique or interesting blogs (in my opinion) 112 more words

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How Have We Gone From "It Takes a Village" to Mommy Wars? 

I love when friends share Bible verses on social media! It always makes me smile knowing that others take the time to read it and are encouraged by the word. 1,157 more words

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মেঘ ছেয়ে আছে বলে বৃষ্টি হবে, এরকম কেউ বলে নি,
তোমার ও তো মন আছে, চোখে জল তো আসেনি,
আর আমি, খোলা আকাশে, ভিজে বসে আছি,

বৃষ্টি সত্যি কিন্তু নামেনি…

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Youth And Age

This hand does not shake much,
This heart, rather, trembles more,
Age is not catching up with me,
Youth is chasing me away, hard and fast,

And I refuse to run…

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Fading away

How this line fades,
Over time,
Without trying,

From our lives…

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Off Shoulder Top

Hi guys,off shoulder tops could bring the end of cropped tees,plunging cleavages tops etc….This kind of top is do-able,easy to pull off and is age/body/style appropriate for pretty much everyone. 43 more words

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