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Color Wheel of Love.

Here’s a good quiz for all the romance writers out there… although it can apply to everyone, of course.

In the early 1970s, the psychologist John Alan Lee developed a way of explaining 6 primary and secondary “love styles” in terms of the color wheel. 538 more words

Types of Smart.

Today has been a glorious, basking-around-in-shorts-on-the-back-deck sort of day, and I almost forgot to blog. But in the end, my heart couldn’t bear to let you down, you lovely people with lovely characters who we will continue to explore together. 458 more words

Skill vs. Marketing

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time ruminating on books. What makes some books sell and others go nowhere? How important is it for a book to have “meaning?” What makes a book become a “classic?” What significance do I want books to have in my life? 503 more words

Author Works

Brain Sides.

For today’s get-to-know-your-characters-through-the-means-of-thorough-dissection post, I thought it would be fun to discover which side of their brain lords it over the rest of them. For people who might somehow be unfamiliar with the idea of dominant brain hemispheres, here’s my highly technical rundown: 266 more words

My Non-technical Process

My non-technical research involves a lot of experiments. Mixing colors with oil paint has been a trial and error type of process. The more I do it, the better I get at doing it correctly the first time I go to mix a color. 120 more words

My Process