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Nothing is "Not Worth It."

Well, as mentioned last week, I finished NaNoWriMo early. For two days I didn’t even want to think about computers, or pens, or paper. But then on the third morning, I woke up just feeling excited to write. 402 more words

Get Out of Your House.

In this crazy month of messed up sleep patterns and gosh-awful writing that values quantity over quality against all the rules of art, it can sometimes be tempting to bury your laptop, notebook, fountain pen, clay tablet, cave wall, or whatever your preferred writing tools happen to be in a deep hole and simply dive headfirst into bed, with no intentions of emerging until December 1st. 432 more words

Creating More Time

We are all busy.

Kids, work, friends, hobbies, pets, Guitar-Hero, what-ever your fancy! As humans we are really really good at making sure we fill all or most of our days. 569 more words

This is Where I Panic.

Week two is the week for telling myself I can’t possibly be on track to get 50,000 words written. Even though the word count tracker is telling me I’m slightly ahead of schedule, I don’t believe it. 217 more words

Easier Than Expected.

Well, here we are, three days into the 50,000 word endurance race.

Despite all my moaning and groaning and death-wishing of the last several weeks, I’m pleased to report that it’s (so far) going fairly well. 83 more words

It Is Nearly Upon Us.

National Novel Writing Month, that is.

Since this is my last Thursday post before the madness begins, I’m going to use the opportunity to let you lovely people know what will be going down in my corner of the web. 90 more words

My first conference

So this weekend I went to my first conference for my Phd, this was not my first ever conference but it was in terms of this new path I am on. 939 more words

My Process