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Culture Clash

I’ve just come across a fascinating YouTube clip directed and produced by Dennis O’Rourke, which explores some of the modern issues confronting traditional customary practise in shark-calling villages of New Ireland Province (PNG). 9 more words

For Teachers

Design Checklist

My design checklist is a document created at the end of my first design course, last semester. It has since grown with 3 new entries (numbers 9,10 & 15 ) to include new experiences and revelations I have had doing design work. 9 more words

Goal Setting for the Planning Impaired.

Okay, I’m back. We’ve been having computer issues, and the ongoing attempt to fix them has included lots and lots of huge update downloads and turning the reins over to distant techies. 411 more words

Update 2/20/2017

In short, what I have been up to has mainly been reading. Primarily books about how comics are structured and what guidelines there are for making them. 501 more words


Think Generously

We need to all start thinking of others, before ourselves. Sometimes, other people may need something more than us, and our instinctive reaction should be one of understanding, not judgement. 312 more words

My Process

Breaksea Island -photos & aerial maps

Yesterday I was fortunate to return to Breaksea Island, long ago home of ‘lighthouse girl’ Fay Catherine Howe. The weather was perfect. After circling the island, Rainer our pilot landed on the helicopter pad just below the lighthouse. 258 more words

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Spaghetti Bolognese and Other Things which Require Stewing.

So if you’ve taken a gander at my Twitter feed recently, you will have noticed that I’m a klutz. I grabbed the handle of a pan that had just been taken out of a 350 degree oven. 601 more words