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Thoughts on Go Set a Watchmen

I read Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman last night. I do that–read books essentially in one sitting. I am a fast reader, but not so fast that I didn’t stay up until three AM with the book. 1,129 more words

My Process

The Importance of Reviews

I never thought much about book reviews before. I mean, I read them, but I’d never heard an author say anything about them other than how important it is not to let bad reviews get you down. 592 more words


A Plan.

Buckle up, I’m about to share a random anecdote about my personal life:

So in about a month and a half, I will be doing this… 564 more words

My Process

Fear, Reservation, too Timid for Plot

I find that my natural reservation, my constant fear of commitment and certainty is becoming a hindrance in my work.  Something that needs to be overcome.  102 more words


Like The Movies.

Last Wednesday, I wrote about those days when writing just isn’t happening. Those days where the words scatter in all directions as you futilely chase after first one, then another, then another, and end up exhausted and empty handed. 140 more words

My Process

When You Want to Write so Writing Is the Last Thing You Do

Getting through this draft is a challenge.  Once I have the document open and my classical playlist quiet in the background I can get 1,000 words, 2,000 words out without too much frustration.  53 more words