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Back to work, Edward!

I know it’s fallen out of favor with Comic Book fans, but I really liked Batman Forever when it came out. I think Val Kilmer’s time as Batman was too short. 458 more words

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Stepping Away

When we push ourselves beyond comfort, we grow, correct? When we want to do something better, we practice, persevere, and change our routines in order to develop better habits and mastery, don’t we? 688 more words


bad oral advice

I was unfortunately on a call with some buddies when I read this article. The noise I made was evocative enough that when I said “god, I just read a thing in an advice article that made me shudder” they needed no more explanation. 1,524 more words

My Process

don't you just love good feedback?

It’s a little bit praise kink, a little bit affirmation, a lot bit validation.

There’s nothing like someone saying ‘god, that was hot’ about your work*. 72 more words

My Process

On A Mission

The eclectic collection at SchatziSF. Photo by BP.

I was on a mission.  On the heels of revealing this revamped blog format Sunday, March 8, aptly our day to  519 more words


On transitions in writing (or, avoiding a case of the "howevers.")

Hey guys. Just a quick post to let you know that I have an essay up at Spry Literary Journal today as part of their ABCs of Fiction Writing series. 56 more words


Spring Forward

Hanging on to time.  Image source here

Welcome to the new layout of my blog, Even If Nobody Reads This.  There is still work to be done, but waiting for perfection won’t bring me any closer to it, but I am very happy with it already, especially having done it primarily myself and with the help of course, of Husband.   365 more words