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My Love of Chalk Paint

What many of you have likely noticed from visiting us at the Land Haus or by viewing our furniture online, is that many of our pieces are refinished using Chalk Paint. 693 more words


Thinking about Contests.

Lately, I’ve been considering submissions more seriously. I think my writing has finally reached a point where I’m willing to believe the rest of the world might not find it utterly repulsive. 296 more words

A Sound Unheard Can Still Touch You

I was approached by a dear friend of mine to photograph a monk at a temple on Mt. Misen upon Miyajima Island nearby Hatsukaichi, Japan.  This monk holds a very special place in the heart of my friend and she wanted to give back to all his support in the form of a timeless portrait that would live on past his days. 510 more words

T-A-P Blog

Tiny Stories.

Hey guys! A whole week has gone by, and I’m still breathing. In fact, I discovered a new exercise that I can totally do, even when times are rough. 178 more words

Breathing through the Meltdown.

When I was little, I would occasionally¬† have meltdowns. As did most of us, I’m guessing. One of the things I remember most distinctly is how my mom would stand calmly in front of me and simply say “Breathe.” 487 more words

Malignant Rigidities.

You know that feeling you get when you’re sitting with a blank notebook, a sudden urge to write? I don’t have it.

With apologies to Captain Jack Sparrow, this misquote exactly summed up my state of being over the past few days. 333 more words

Don't Ignore Your Facets.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m deep in a writing project, I can tend to forget about everything else. And not only when I’m actually doing the work of writing, but all the time. 312 more words