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Tentative Thesis

Well… another process post. I’m still behind, but I like to think that I’m starting to catch up.

I’ve been trying to come up with a thesis for my paper/presentation. 108 more words


I have a problem, but part of it might not be an actual problem.

Also, I’ve been considering things that begin with the letter ‘M.’ Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk? 221 more words

Process post contd.

Hey! I’m back with another entry in my process series.

As you may or may not know, I’m a teenager and there is one thing teenagers are notorious for: laziness. 215 more words

The First Review

… and it isn’t even out yet!

Thank you Joy Lawn for the wonderful early review in Australian Bookseller + Publisher:

‘The Shark Caller breaks new ground in junior YA fiction. 131 more words

For Teachers

Revision and Negative Self-Talk.

Most of us here are probably familiar with the term “inner editor” or “inner critic,” and we probably have mixed feelings about them. As I am in the middle of revising the first awful draft of last November’s novel, I can attest that my own feelings are incredibly strong and as mixed as a cocktail. 496 more words

Process contd.

Hey! I’m back with another process post! Just to recap, I am currently working on my Capstone project for school and I decided that my topic would be sharks. 190 more words

What's in a Name?

While a rose by any other name would indeed smell as sweet, when words are the only way you can show others your character, names can matter a lot. 933 more words

Fictional Characters