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Seven things about my writing that readers might want to know.

So, there’s this status going around writing circles right now on social media: “Seven things about my writing that readers might want to know.” I was tagged by a friend this morning, so I thought I’d do this here, on my blog, instead of… 380 more words


The Andrews, Joels, Mickeys, Scotts, and Tys of the World

I do not believe I am a good person.

To me a good person is not the person who jumps in front of a bullet to save someone, or dives into the river to pull out the drowning kid. 391 more words


Filling The Well

I have been keeping my eyes opened for well filling opportunities. Working on the blog goes beyond writing a post and putting it out. It is about exploring ideas, editing, and ‘filling the well’. 587 more words

My Process

Sometimes I Really Exhaust Myself

The thing is …

I get so excited about things and then I do it intensely without taking a break much less eat breakfast or lunch, and before I know it I CRASH.   281 more words

My Process

Back to work, Edward!

I know it’s fallen out of favor with Comic Book fans, but I really liked Batman Forever when it came out. I think Val Kilmer’s time as Batman was too short. 458 more words

Author Works

Stepping Away

When we push ourselves beyond comfort, we grow, correct?  When we want to do something better, we practice, persevere, and change our routines in order to develop better habits and mastery, don’t we?   647 more words