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My Process -Part 2

God is always with me

Oh how I now can see

God is always with me

I have now come to believe

God is always with me… 520 more words

Sherlock Scandal

As one who is uneducated in celebrity gossip and not an avid reader of any particular newspaper, I found I got sucked into an article recently written by The Telegraph. 403 more words

My Process

Intoxicating Rhetorical Poetry.

While I can’t say that life has grown any less complicated since my brother has completed his edTPA (teacher certification), I can definitely attest to the fun to be had with his intoxicating amount of free time. 424 more words

Patience Is An Action

I used to think you had to focus on one type of art form. This is a myth. I have found that it is best to grow in however many directions your mind takes you towards. 383 more words



Christmas and New Year’s punctuate the life cycle.   This year has been less crowded and I’m able to digest the rhythm of my life.  I can measure growth, weigh in on the decisions I’ve made throughout the year, and I can make a conscious decision to change or in this case keep going. 233 more words

My Process

Ring in the new...

Happy New Year !

After five years working on PhD research; my two novels (The Shark Caller, The Dog with Seven Names) and the accompanying exegesis, “Crafting Animals Characters in Fiction for Young Readers”, it’s a wonderful (and somewhat fizzy) feeling to be able to at last be free to give attention to other projects which have been circling in a holding pattern. 486 more words

For Teachers

Writing it Wrong.

You know how sometimes you think “that’s it, life is about to slow down and go back to normal…”

And then it doesn’t?

Well, that’s the way it’s been for me, anyway. 616 more words