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Unboxing a new idea..?

One of my favourite things about the process of making art is being able to explore a range of different mediums. Whether it’s pencil, pastel, ink, or paint – each medium seems to have a vibe of its own. 392 more words


Snow Days

Texas, oh Texas! You and your crazy weather.

So, it was in the 60s all day Monday. The weather stations kept warning of a winter storm coming our way. 480 more words

The Writer's Life

The challenge of making art daily

Hi everyone, welcome back to Studio Llewellyn! Today’s post comes to you from my dining room table. I have a cup of tea on my left side, a plate of toast on my right, an easel in the corner and art supplies all over the floor. 430 more words


To Grid or not to Grid

Lately I’ve been taking a lot of work-in-progress photos and videos, to try and show how I work and the process I like to use (I’ll be posting some of that on here, but if you want more in depth blogs, follow me on… 867 more words


Happiness is . . . new work

As I’ve said before, I had been blocked artistically since the election in 2016.  I knew I needed to find something that would blast me out of that place, and all of a sudden I remembered Phil Sylvester of… 460 more words

Artist Process

Video Days...

Wow guys! I had no idea what an ordeal creating this content was going to be. I am still determined though.

As I write this, it is nearly 1:00AM and I have approximately 5 hours remaining on the rendering of my first video. 212 more words

Lessons Learned

Reading Your Work Without PTSD.

As promised, here’s my update after reading the NaNovel over Christmas. Surprise surprise, I was horribly nervous about it. I was feeling tons of regret over allowing my alpha readers access to it, and I was positive that I would feel like immolating the document, and myself along with it, after reading the first paragraph. 139 more words