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Laying the Foundation

Welcome, dear reader, to my brand new web log! I’m glad to have you here.

This is a site dedicated to the work of John Crooker– fantasy-fiction writer, poet by increments, and general applier of ego. 61 more words

Encounters In The Forest

Film Class and Food

Over the last 12 weeks I have been taking an evening film class — it has been a great experience. I have transformed my process from guerrilla shooting to a more organized film production. 111 more words

My Process

A Pleasant Surprise.

Well, a couple of days ago I had the perfect combination of free time and courage, so I opened the word document containing November’s NaNovel for the first time since Thanksgiving Day. 375 more words

My Process...

The process is easy as pie.  You do not even have to leave your home, your computer, your place of comfort. You will get a personalized response that will give you the feeling that you had your own tutor right next to you helping you with your essay. 249 more words

Who I Am...

Of course, you need to know what you are getting yourself into, right?

  • Currently an Adjunct Professor for a local college
  • Currently (and for 2 years prior) an Online Writing Tutor for an online educational company…
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How I Work...


WA author Sandi Bowie recently shared an interesting article about the word count habits of several well-known authors. I found their different feedback on ‘a successful day’s work’ fascinating. 337 more words

Historical Fiction

This scene is terrible, and I'm not writing it.

There’s a scene I have to write, but I’ve been dreading it.

It’s the kind of scene I hate reading, but it’s also seemed like the sort of scene I needed to write in order to connect important plot points. 397 more words