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It's Out! It's Out!

Hi, all! To Give a Rose is now available on Amazon and it should arrive on Kindle and on some book store shelves soon–if your book store does not have it yet, please ask them to order it. 1,074 more words


Short Stories and Misery.

For the summer, I set myself the goal of writing five short stories. Halfway decent ones, that is. So far, I’ve written one and a couple of halves. 293 more words


the sea, and leaving it

I can tell when things are getting bad, I start to dream about the sea again.

I have a friend, she’s some sort of mermaid, who will swim out beyond the break, out to the boat moorings and back. 400 more words

My Process

I Brought my Muse on Vacation.

And boy, is she loving it! (Actually, I’m not sure my muse is a she… muses shouldn’t be limited by gender in this enlightened age, now should they? 314 more words


ICAD Week 3

Still going strong on Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day !  I’m feeling confident that I can do it this year!  It wasn’t a conscious decision, but I’ve definitely been happy doing mostly collage.   302 more words

ICAD 2013: Blast from the Past (Part 2)

Last week I shared some of my Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-A-Day from 2013. You know, waaaay back when I didn’t have a blog. Haha. Today I have some more blasts from the past, and I wanted to review for my own sake what I like & didn’t like about them. 550 more words

A Change of Scene.

The writing has not been going well this week. I tried to handle my short-circuiting brain by barricading myself in my room, saying, “You can’t do anything fun until your characters do something interesting.” 113 more words

Writing Process